Release date: 2024-06-12


2024.06.0 is a BETA version and it’s not recommended for production environment.

Fleio uses the continuous delivery model, read more at Fleio release model.

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We recommend you to follow the safe upgrade procedure:


  • [add] #5373 Affiliate referral system

  • [add] [staff] #6780 Setting to require email address confirmation on change

  • [add] #8100 “Assign floating IP” checkbox on create instance form

  • [add] [staff] #8134 Add permissions tabs on user and user group details page

  • [add] #8143 Support for OpenStack Bobcat & Caracal

  • [add] #8152 Setting to allow multiple Fleio add credit invoices


  • [change] #8188 Add “AMQP durable queues” in region notification settings


  • [fix] #8151 Typo “ip” instead of “IP” on filters for cluster templates

  • [fix] [staff] #8153 “Enable instances” help text title missing on region settings

  • [fix] [staff] #8158 Project details may still be accessible after it has been deleted

  • [fix] #8162 Zero amount invoice generated when ordering a postpaid service

  • [fix] #8170 500 internal server error when ticket attachment is deleted from its location

  • [fix] [staff] #8172 400 not found error appears sometimes in console when user clicks on set PTR

  • [fix] [staff] #8178 “null” string displayed in Phone number field when changing flags

  • [fix] #8181 Mass message unaligned fields and “enduser” misspelling

  • [fix] [staff] #8187 Cycle remains paid even if invoice was canceled

  • [fix] #8186 Cannot pay with IPay gateway when some fields are too long

  • [fix] [staff] #8189 Save button available even without any regions on Openstack region settings

  • [fix] #8190 Payments in advance for future cycles not refunded after upgrade

  • [fix] #8191 Missing invoice number in service cycles after upgrade after adding an invoice item

  • [fix] #8193 Optimization on client with many instances

  • [fix] [staff] #8194 Service cycle not generated if upgrade invoice was paid after being edited

  • [fix] [enduser] #8195 Reset password not working

  • [fix] #8196 500 internal server error on ticket search with ‘#’ prefix in ticket number

  • [fix] #8198 Some notifications are formatted incorrectly

  • [fix] #8200 Reveal password will act like Rebuild button