Release date: 2023-09-11

2023.09.1 is a stable version.

Fleio uses the continuous delivery model, read more at Fleio release model.

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We recommend you to follow the safe upgrade procedure:

The following list includes the issues that were part of the 2023.09.0 BETA release. New issues, that are first released in 2023.09.1, are marked with bold.


Due to a bug, upgrading FROM 2023.08.1 only works if you specify upgrade version. See Upgrading FROM 2023.08.


  • [add] [staff] #2196 Place orders for end-users as staff

  • [add] #6690 Fleio works in multi-region without collector

  • [add] #7015 Support for image tags

  • [add] #7256 Support for OpenStack 2023.1 Antelope

  • [add] #7323 Support Fleio install on Debian 12


  • [change] #7294 Update Docker to 2.20.2 and Docker Compose to 24.0.5

  • [change] #7308 Show configurable option values in cart on order and on upgrade

  • [change] #7313 Display network ID and region besides network name on network select

  • [change] [staff] #7316 Add hour and minutes on journal entries date tooltip

  • [change] #7334 Do not show warning when TLD price field is left empty

  • [change] #7335 Redesign TLD price form

  • [change] [staff] #7342 Show loader while updating domains cost price

  • [change] #7343 Activity log from “create service” to “register/transfer domain”


  • [fix] #4357 Page doesn’t land on correct tab if user languages differ

  • [fix] #6248 No such file or directory error when setting license for the first time

  • [fix] #6263 Docker volumes left behind after nuking a fleio install

  • [fix] [staff] #6751 Input field is not disabled after unchecking the related checkbox in Advance Settings tab

  • [fix] #6864 Align formatting options are not working after opening or replying to a ticket

  • [fix] #6977 Missing gap between the Price number and the “Code” currency display mode

  • [fix] #7069 SAML2 login button text may overflow borders

  • [fix] #7144 Upgrade/downgrade service for OpenStack product not working

  • [fix] [staff] #7152 Cannot add client credit

  • [fix] #7298 Setup fee is not added to invoice price after upgrade

  • [fix] #7306 Operation error after deleting instance stuck in building state

  • [fix] #7309 Upgrade cannot be performed due to an inaccurate error message

  • [fix] #7311 Waiting for tasks message is shown on upgrade when periodic tasks are disabled

  • [fix] #7322 False invalid license message after changing edition

  • [fix] [staff] #7327 Activity log shows “{operation}” when service upgrade fails

  • [fix] [staff] #7328 Client details journal tab layout issues

  • [fix] [staff] #7333 Zero transfer cost for TLD is not saved

  • [fix] [staff] #7336 All products displayed on upgrade, instead of just products upgrade is allowed to

  • [fix] [enduser] #7337 Ordering product that requires domain breaks on register/transfer domain page

  • [fix] #7339 Domain registration crash: got an unexpected keyword argument ‘client’

  • [fix] #7340 Domain is set as Active even if registration fails

  • [fix] #7341 OpenProvider domain register: Unable to communicate with registrar

  • [fix] #7344 Failed domain related tasks are green in activity log

  • [fix] #7346 Create service runs twice on order with zero invoice

  • [fix] #7347 Delete project may fail with ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘disabled’

  • [fix] [staff] #7348 TLD zero value transfer price empties other currency field (relative price)

  • [fix] #7350 Domain registrar is not saved on order

  • [fix] #7360 Renew task is ran when ordering a new service

  • [fix] #7361 Domain is registered with outdated client details

  • [fix] #7370 Wrong address is sent to OpenProvider on domain register

  • [fix] #7377 Frontend crash on client OpenStack service tab

  • [fix] #7379 Object storage containing punctuation mark cannot be access/deleted

  • [fix] #7400 Misleading errors when ordering service with domain

  • [fix] [enduser] #7411 400 error when going on a newly registered domain details page

  • [fix] #7421 Errors after fleio sync

  • [fix] #7426 Upgrading service with percent conf. opts. to another billing cycle fails

  • [fix] #7428 Yes/no conf. opt. setup fee upgrade is wrong

  • [fix] #7429 Quantity input default value “0” is not taken in consideration on upgrade form










  • Due to a bug, upgrading FROM 2023.08.1 only works if you specify upgrade version. See Upgrading FROM 2023.08.

  • If you have created a custom frontend theme, you will need to rebuild it. See Upgrading to 2023.09.