Release date: 2024-01-11


2024.01.0 is a BETA version and it’s not recommended for production environment.

Fleio uses the continuous delivery model, read more at Fleio release model.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

We recommend you to follow the safe upgrade procedure:


If you have a custom frontend theme or you are using Stripe payments, see Upgrading to 2024.01.


  • [add] [staff] #1174 RBAC policies management

  • [add] #4644 Clusters quota management

  • [add] [staff] #6331 Related operations under activity log

  • [add] #6689 Pricing rules for database instances

  • [add] #7043 Support for database instance replicas (Trove)

  • [add] [enduser] #7047 Database instance logs (Trove)

  • [add] [enduser] #7295 Save multiple credit cards in Fleio on the same payment gateway

  • [add] #7707 Install “less” in fleio utils container

  • [add] [enduser] #7737 SSH key details page

  • [add] #7787 Create multiple compute instances

  • [add] #7795 Support for HEAT parameter_groups

  • [add] #7803 “designate” to default exchange list field value

  • [add] #7808 “force” and “no-restart” parameters to “fleio backup restore” command


  • [change] #7504 Improve containers restart performance by using dumb-init in Docker containers

  • [change] #7566 Optimize ticket search

  • [change] #7613 Wait for suspend/unsuspend tasks to finish before marking service suspended/active

  • [change] #7614 On unsuspend OpenStack service wait for instances to be unshelved before attempting to start them

  • [change] #7667 Avoid orphan resources when terminating OpenStack services

  • [change] #7747 Add search for action field in filter dialog when filtering activity log

  • [change] #7772 Return same error codes if docker & docker compose packages are not found

  • [change] #7777 Add missing database instance backups permissions

  • [change] #7780 Update Fleio dependencies for 2024.01.0 release (including Python 3.11.7, Django 5, and Angular 17)

  • [change] #7799 Update Stripe gateway implementation to work with API version 2023-10-16

  • [change] #7814 Activate all DBaaS related features by default


  • [fix] #7763 Volume delete button is not the last one

  • [fix] #7765 End date is rounded on edit service cycle

  • [fix] [enduser] #7770 Private flavors not shown on create instance form

  • [fix] #7776 Testing RabbitMQ connection to invalid URL gives 500 error

  • [fix] [enduser] #7779 400 bad request error on register domain

  • [fix] [enduser] #7782 Generic error “Unable to create floating ip” on UI

  • [fix] #7783 Cannot create network - dns_domain error

  • [fix] #7784 Resize database instance flavor not working

  • [fix] #7788 Ticket status and last reply not updated after reply from email that adds CC recipients

  • [fix] #7789 “fleio restart” command takes too long

  • [fix] [enduser] #7794 Remote security groups dropdown items are not visible

  • [fix] [staff] #7800 Cannot save floating IP pricing rule

  • [fix] #7804 Revenue report tooltips are cut on mobile

  • [fix] #7806 Periodic task log details in Django admin does not load when there are many tasks in Fleio

  • [fix] [staff] #7809 Generic error when saving a new template with no changes made beforehand

  • [fix] #7811 Web container error when running fleio backup restore

  • [fix] [staff] #7813 Activity log shows {object_id} on create fail

  • [fix] [staff] #7815 Confusing failed activity log when adding credit to a manually suspended client

  • [fix] #7817 Missing flavor details after resizing database instance

  • [fix] [staff] #7819 Wrong order link in new order email

  • [fix] #7822 Security groups page browser title

  • [fix] #7825 “NameError: name ‘_’ is not defined” after adding ENDUSER_PASSWORD_LENGTH_ERROR to settings.py

  • [fix] [enduser] #7827 Generic error “Unable to create volume snapshot”

  • [fix] [staff] #7828 “Unknown activity” in activity log after terminating a service

  • [fix] #7830 Invoices are automatically paid with Stripe even if payment method is deactivated






  • [remove] #7701 “ConfigurationErrorMiddleware”

  • [remove] #7831 Unused closed client status