Release date: 2023-05-10

2023.05.1 is a stable version.

Fleio uses the continuous delivery model, read more at Fleio release model.

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We recommend you to follow the safe upgrade procedure:

The following list includes the issues that were part of the 2023.05.0 BETA release. New issues, that are first released in 2023.05.1, are marked with bold.


Manual steps may be required for the upgrade to 2023.05. See Upgrading to 2023.05.


  • [add] #6846 Fixed cost on invoices

  • [add] #6884 Settings tab for saml2 SSO

  • [add] #6885 saml2 SSO authentication options on login form

  • [add] #6920 Workaround for Neutron bug 1593793: No notification on floating ip status change

  • [add] [staff] #6928 Message template selector when closing ticket

  • [add] [staff] #6930 Filter by timestamp on system logs

  • [add] [staff] #6934 Default field to edit conf. option form

  • [add] #7049 Data migration to ensure that services have all product’s config option


  • [change] [staff] #6612 Improve pricing rule details in list view

  • [change] #6924 Allow staff users to open tickets via email

  • [change] #6925 Display ticket Open status with orange

  • [change] [staff] #6929 Rename “Notification templates” to “Message templates”

  • [change] #6946 Disable autocomplete/autofill for all password inputs in application except login forms

  • [change] #6959 Update dependencies in 2023.05.0

  • [change] #6969 Allow config. option-product disassociation

  • [change] #6971 Allow invited users to sign up even if ‘clients&users.signup’ = False

  • [change] #6976 Display client on DNS zone details

  • [change] #6981 Handle product-conf. opt. association when adding cycles to product and not to option

  • [change] #6989 Flavor properties not visible on card

  • [change] #7021 Limit mongodb memory usage

  • [change] #7050 Create mongo collections index async

  • [change] #7063 Delete database instances on terminate client/service

  • [change] #7066 On sync set current end-date to ghost volumes

  • [change] #7090 Upgrade third-party frontend libraries

  • [change] #7098 Upgrade to Django 4.2.1


  • [fix] #6505 “bc” not present on some systems

  • [fix] #6759 Email message log IDs to random IDs

  • [fix] #6827 Task logs do not use log level from settings.py

  • [fix] #6863 Billing history displays previous names of instances even if they were renamed

  • [fix] [staff] #6922 Missing error message on Create new flavor form when entering a too long description

  • [fix] [staff] #6927 Operation random error after attempting to delete a client

  • [fix] #6938 Collect traffic periodic task does not exit with error when another collect data is running

  • [fix] #6941 Create instance from ISO operation step ‘wait for instance’ does not appear while waiting

  • [fix] #6953 Cannot remove IP address from port

  • [fix] #6968 Signup page can be opened even if feature is off

  • [fix] #6970 Date filter issues on list views

  • [fix] [staff] #6974 “least” word split in the Price model dropdown

  • [fix] [staff] #6975 Infinite loading screen is shown after impersonating user with NotificationsOnly role

  • [fix] #6898 Client link from new order email is not working

  • [fix] [enduser] #6911 Overlapping error message when entering invalid password on instance create

  • [fix] #6992 Cannot edit invoice

  • [fix] #7010 ERROR Operation upload image from url in state check_upload

  • [fix] [staff] #7012 System log errors related to config. opt. when accessing orders page

  • [fix] [staff] #7013 Internal server error 500 on orders after deleting a config. opt.

  • [fix] [staff] #7016 Internal server error 500 after entering a too long text in Edit Properties for Flavors

  • [fix] #7022 Google authenticator background colour on dark mode

  • [fix] [enduser] #7036 Cannot filter operations by “operation type”

  • [fix] [staff] #7048 Config. option values limited to 20 on edit service conf. opt.

  • [fix] #7081 “n/a” displayed without any reason on Billing history resource total price

  • [fix] [staff] #7082 Sync error “unable to update DBAASInstance…” for database instance without project id

  • [fix] #7087 Internal server error 500 after opening Operations on Web Edition after switching from full/OpenStack edition

  • [fix] [staff] #7088 Superuser only menu entries for normal staff users


  • [add] #6687 Support for Database as a Service (OpenStack Trove)




  • [remove] [staff] #6932 Required checkbox from conf. option (all required by default)

  • [remove] #6935 Text input config. option widget




  • Manual steps may be required for the upgrade to 2023.05. See Upgrading to 2023.05.

  • Text input configurable option widget type was removed and any configurable options with this widget will be removed during upgrade process - all data associated with these options will be lost.