End-user / Cloud / Heat stacks

From this page you can manage heat stacks.


In order to be able to manage heat stacks from Fleio the admin user needs to have heat_stack_owner role on user projects.

For new projects Fleio can add these roles automatically if they are selected in Default role names dropdown on OpenStack settings - Defaults tab.

For existing projects you will have to set these roles manually - see Upgrading OpenStack to 2023.1 Antelope for an example of how to accomplish this.

Create new heat stack

Creating a heat stack may take some time so you will have to wait a while until the heat stack becomes active.

Template and environment

The create form allows providing a template and environment for heat stat creation:


Both template and environment can be provided using a file, URL or by pasting data in form. You can select how to provide template and environment using Template source and Environment source selects.

Additional stack parameters

If a valid template and environment were provided pressing NEXT button displays a new form that asks for some final stack parameters:

  • Stack name - name of heat stack

  • Creation timeout - timeout in minutes to wait for heat stack creation to complete

  • Rollback on failure - if creation fails or timeouts all resources associated with the stack will be deleted

Once you specify the parameters above you can click LAUNCH button to initiate the stack creation.