End-user / Billing / Order Services

On this page the end-user can see the services that are available for him to order. They are displayed as card items like in the following image.

End-users can only see products that have Public Status.

Ordering services


In order to create a new service that an end-user can order, you need to login as staff and create a new product. More on product creation: here.

After you create a new product, it will appear on the Order services page on the end-user panel. Pressing the Order button from the bottom of a card will send the user to a confirmation page (like in the following image) where he can choose the payment cycle then save the item to the cart and finish the order.


Post-paid vs pre-paid service ordering

In Fleio we have two kinds of products, post-paid and pre-paid.

Post-paid products may become active before a payment is made and the first payment for this products is required at the end of the first billing period.

When ordering a post-paid service an invoice for setup fees will be issued. If the product has no setup fees a zero price invoice will be issued. The invoice for first billing period will be issued at the end of first billing period.

Pre-paid products usually require a payment for the first billing period before becoming active.

When ordering a pre-paid service an invoice for the next billing period will be issued.

Configurable options

Depending on the type of product configurable option will be charged at the start of the billing period or at the end.

In service ordering context this means you will be charged for configurable options when ordering a pre-paid service and when ordering a post-paid service you will only be charged for configurable options at the end of the billing period.