End-user / Homepage / Dashboard


This is the homepage when accessing fleio from the end-user panel.

Billing Area

  • Up to date credit: Your available credit. Click Add credit to specify the amount then choose the method of payment on the invoice page.

Summary Area

  • Account summary: The summary of your total instances, total images, total volumes and total SSH keys.

User Area

  • Notifications: Here you receive all kind of notifications from our system.

  • My Profile: Change your name, last name, email address, password, theme.

  • Log Out: Log-out from your account.


  • My domains: Here you will see/manage your domains

  • Domain contacts: Here you will manage your domain contacts

  • Register domain: Here you will register domains

  • Transfer domain: Here you will manage the domain transfers


  • Tickets: Here you will be able to create/close/check tickets


  • Operations: Here you will have a summary of your operations like CREATE INSTANCE, DELETE INSTANCE etc