End-user / Cloud / Networks

In this page, you can do as follow:

Get me a network

Important: For the “Get me a network feature to work” staff must configure it. More details at Staff Networks.

A simple way to create a private network connected to the outside world, is to use this feature. Go to Networks from the Main Menu, Cloud and then to Get me a network (bottom right).


Select the region, and a network is created with with the name ‘auto_allocated_network’, a router with the name ‘auto_allocated_router’ with external gateway to the default external network, and an interface to the created network.

Create new network

To create a new network go to Networks from the Main Menu, Cloud and then to Create network (bottom right).


You have to set here a name for the new network, select the region, and optionally give description and creation for a subnet. If you wish to create a subnet you have two more forms to complete.

Search networks

To search a network, just type the network in the search box from the top of the Networks page.


Sort networks

From the top-right of the page, you can sort networks by:

  • Name

  • Created at

  • Region


Also you can switch from Card View to List View by clicking on the grid from top-right. Examples are shown below:

../_images/networks-cards.png ../_images/networks-list.png

Edit networks

To edit a network select it from your list. You can edit name, description and admin state up properties.


Add subnet

You can add a network subnet by clicking on Add subnet button.


Remove subnet

You remove a subnet by clicking on Delete subnet button.


Delete networks

To delete a network select it from your list and hit Delete.