End-user / Billing / Invoicing

View all your invoices. You can sort invoices by:

  • Status Paid/Unpaid

  • Issue Date the date when the invoice was created

  • Due Date last day to pay an invoice

You can filter invoices by:

  • Issue date: the issue date of the invoice

  • Due date: the due date of the invoice

  • Status: unpaid / paid / canceled / refunded

  • Total: invoice total


Invoice status bar

Invoices have a colored status bar on list, card and details views. Colors have the following explanation:

  • Green: paid invoice

  • Gray: cancelled or refunded invoice

  • Red: unpaid and overdue invoice

  • Yellow: unpaid and due date not yet reached

Details tab

Click one of the invoices to get redirected to its details page.

From here you can pay your invoices using one of the payment gateways configured. Select your payment method from the top-right corner of the invoice


Select your payment method. (if you have active balance you can choose “Credit Balance” as the payment option)


Now hit the Pay Now button and you will get to the payment processing page. Once the payment is made, the user will be redirected back to the invoice.

  • Also notice that you can download the invoice as a pdf file by clicking the button from the bottom-right corner