Enduser / Cloud / Clusters

Create new cluster

To create a new cluster go to Clusters from the Main Menu, Cloud and then to Create cluster button (bottom right).


Select the desired client and edit the cluster template field:


After selecting a cluster template, additional editable fields will be displayed:


After creating a cluster, it can be displayed either as card view (as shown above) or in list view.


Actions on cluster

Hover over a cluster and notice that the following icons will appear:


The following actions can be done on a cluster:

  • Resize

  • Upgrade

  • Get configuration

  • Get certificate

  • Delete

../_images/clusters-resize.png ../_images/clusters-upgrade.png

Filter and sorting

Clusters can be filtered by:

  • Created at

  • Updated at

  • Region

  • Status

  • Cluster template

Clusters can be sorted by:

  • Name

  • Status

  • Created at

../_images/clusters-filter.png ../_images/clusters-sorting.png