End-user / Cloud / Volumes

In this page, you can do as follow:

Create new volume

To create a new volume go to Volumes from the Main Menu and then to Create Volume (bottom right). You have to set here a name for the new volume and set it’s size in GB.


Search volumes

To search a volume, just type the volume name in the search box from the top of the Volumes page.


Sort volumes

From the top-right of the page, you can sort instances by:

  • Name

  • Status

  • Size

  • Date created


Also you can switch from Card View to List View by clicking on the grid from top-right. Examples are shown below:

../_images/volumes-sort2.png ../_images/volumes-sort3.png

Edit volumes

To edit a volume select it from your list and you can extend or rename it.


Volumes cannot be shrunk, only extended.


Delete volumes

To delete a volume select it from your list and hit Delete.


Volume will be removed from Staff interface too.