End-user / Cloud / SSH Keys

In this page, you can do as follow:


  • SSH keys added in Fleio are saved only in the Fleio database and they are not added in the Openstack keypair

  • On new instance creation the key is deployed trough cloud init (see Cloud-init)

  • When deploying a cluster the key will be added in Openstack and it will be assigned to the selected api user.

Add new SSH key

To add a SSH key which is already created, click on the plus (+) button from the bottom right Add SSH Key.


On the next page fill in these fields:

  • Name: This will set a name for the key, so you can identify it easier.

  • Key Content: In this field you will add/paste your public key.

  • Hit “Add Key” and a new SSH key will be added.*


Generate new SSH key

In order to generate a new SSH key from the Fleio interface, click on the plus (+) button from the bottom-right Add SSH Key, hit Generate Key, then wait a few moments.


On the next page you can view these fields:

  • Name: This will set a name for the key, so you can identify it easier. Only letters and numbers are accepted.

  • Key Content: In this field you will see the generated public Key.

  • Private Key: This field will provide you the private Key.

  • Hit Add Key and the new generated SSH key will be added.



You need to copy your Private Key as it will not be saved on the server.

Search for a SSH key

To search a SSH key from your dashboard, type the name in the search box from the top of the SSH keys page.


Sort SSH keys

From the top-right of the page, you can sort SSH keys by:

  • Name

  • Date created


Also, you can switch from Card View to List View by clicking on the grid from top-right. Examples are shown below:

../_images/ssh-sort.png ../_images/ssh-sort2.png

Edit a SSH key

To edit a SSH key, click “Edit” and you will be able to change the “Name” and/or “Key Content”. To finish and save the changes press “Save Key”.


Delete a SSH key

To remove a SSH key you have to identify it in the dashboard and select Delete.


View SSH key details (name, creation date, fingerprint)

SSH key details area

  • SSH key name.

  • Creation date: Shows when a SSH key was created in month-day-year format.

  • Fingerprint: Shows each Public Key fingerprint which is a sequence of bytes used to identify a longer public key. Fingerprints are created by applying a cryptographic hash function to a public key.


Warning - “Your form contains errors”

If you are prompted with the following message “Your form contains errors”, when trying to add a new SSH key, you have to check:

  • Name, as there might be some unsafe characters() used - “Name contains unsafe characters”

  • Key Content, as the SSH public key added might be invalid - “Invalid SSH public key.”



Before copying your Public Key from a text editor it is recommended to save it as a single line text without empty spaces between characters and then paste it in Fleio interface.