Settings / Configurations

A Configuration is a group of general settings applicable per Client.

The default Configuration applies to all new clients by default.

In order to create a new configuration, click on the plus (+) button from the bottom right


You can edit a configuration by clicking on it’s name.


A Configuration includes:

General tab

  • Billing

    • Required credit for new services
      How much credit does a client need to create new services (negative values are also allowed). Once a client has reached this limit, he will no longer be able to create or upgrade resources.
    • Credit limit
      When the client reaches this limit, notifications, suspension and terminations rules apply Notifications can also be sent prior to reaching the limit. See below.
    • Minimum up to date credit to be left after paying an invoice
      Based on this setting a user is not allowed to pay an invoice from his up to date credit (default currency) if the remaining up to date credit after invoice payment is lower than this value.
    • Required credit for new services when on agreement
      Once a client with a credit card on file with us has reached this limit, he will no longer be able to create or upgrade resources. Already created cloud resources will not be suspended based on this threshold. Positive and negative values are allowed.
    • Credit limit when on agreement
      Based on credit limit you can configure suspension and termination rules for clients that have a billing agreement. Positive and negative values are allowed.

    Please note that clients with agreement work with the fleio-whmcs module. Client agreement status gets updated automatically if you use the fleio-whmcs module based on client’s billing agreement or CC in WHMCS. More on that here:

  • General settings

    • Company info
      Information to use in notifications and on Invoices Usually the name of your company
    • Notification sender name
      The From name for e-mails and notifications. Leaving this blank will use just the Notifications sender email.
    • Notifications sender email
      An e-mail address the notifications are sent from.
  • Billing
    Here you can configure auto generation and auto payment of invoices
    • Generate invoices
      When this is checked the billing cron job will generate invoices when services are due.
    • Enable automatic settlements
      When this is checked the billing cron will automatically settle client expenses by withdrawing funds from client credit. If Generate invoices is also checked then those invoice will be automatically paid from client credit.
    • Sequential numbering of paid invoices
      When this is checked paid invoices will be assigned a sequential number starting from Next paid invoice number. The Next paid invoice number format can be use to specify the format. The following placeholders are supported in the number format: {{ number }}, {{ year }}, {{ month }}, {{ day }}
  • Credit Notifications
    If client should be notified about their credit balance. For example, a client can be notifier with 72 hours before his credit balance will be empty. A total of three notifications can be created with variable hours until the credit reaches zero.
  • Suspension

    Enable or disable automatic OpenStack project suspension and send a notification to the Client when this happens. When suspension is enabled the client will be automatically suspended once up to date credit for the client is under the Credit limit specified at General section.

    Suspension can be delayed by checking Enable delay by hours or Enable delay until credit is used. If both of these are checked then client will be suspended when first delay is matched.

    Suspension is processed by a cron job in fleio backend so there may be a delay until clients are suspended based on how often the job is configured to run.

    • Enable automatic suspension
      When checked clients will be automatically suspended when Credit limit is reached.
    • Enable delay by hours
      When this is checked the client will not be suspended for the number of hours specified in Delay (hours} field even if the credit under Credit limit.
    • Enable delay until credit is used
      When this is checked the client will not be suspended until credit is under Credit limit by the amount specified in Delay (credit) field.
    • Notification template
      Here you can select the template used to send suspend notification to client.
  • Termination
    Automatic termination. Experimental, not yet enabled.

Fleio allows having several configurations that you can assign per client.

For instance:

  • You may want to have some of the clients suspended automatically when they have depleted their pre-paid credit.
  • Other customers do not have to pre-pay for services they use and are allowed to have a negative credit, but will not be allowed to create more resources once their credit reaches -5,000 EUR.
  • You can also enable or disable notifications via email or end-user panel for each group of customers.

Openstack tab

Configure automatic creation of openstack services by checking “Auto create service”