Settings / General

The general settings page consists of a panel with two tabs where you can manage the application currencies and licence.



On the currencies tab you can see a list of available currencies in your app and manage them. Click on the CREATE CURRENCY button from the bottom right side of the panel and a modal window will pop-up where you can add a new currency by filling some details.


You have to set a default currency. Make sure you also have the currencies you add here available in your merchant account ( the paypal/stripe/etc account where you’ll receive the payments )

All currencies are reported to the default one, thus the cost of one unit of default currency is given in units of regular currency ( indirect quotation ). Use the UPDATE EXCHANGE RATES button from the bottom right corner of the card so the regular currencies will update and show prices that are equivalent to one unit of default currency.

Exchange rates updating settings

You can configure which connector you want to use for updating exchange rates and also choose whether or not you want fleio to automatically update exchange rates everyday. Open your file (read more about it) and edit or add the following variables:
  • DEFAULT_EXCHANGE_RATE_CONNECTOR: The connector you want to use. Available connectors to use for now are European Central Bank connector, Romanian National Bank connector (meanwhile others might have been added). If you don’t set any value here, the default currency related connector will be used, if none was found, the ECBconnector will be used. Use their names as strings, like in the below code-block example.
  • AUTO_UPDATE_EXCHANGE_RATES: (defaults to False). Set this to True in order to automatically update exchange rates everyday.
Available exchange rate connectors:
ECBConnector (European Central Bank connector, relative to EUR currency),
BNRConnector (Romanian National Bank connector, relative to RON currency)


Here you can set a new licence, refresh the current one or see details about it. You can obtain a license from Fleio.