Release date: 2019-09-10

v2019.9.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in https://keepachangelog.com/.


  • Add networking tab for instances in end-user panel

  • Allow users to enable or disable notifications. Also allow users to individually enable / disable notifications

  • Add PayU gateway

  • Add support for recurring payments. Support recurring payments for Romcard gateway

  • Add IPV6 reverse DNS support

  • Add a new signal for instances that are booted from ISO

  • Add two new notifications for staff users: new order and invoice payment

  • Add option to display only public traffic for instances. Displaying public traffic only can be activated via INSTANCE_TRAFFIC_DISPLAY setting in Fleio settings file

  • Add create invoice button on client’s invoices tab

  • Add permissions in authorization settings page for client and service deletion

  • Add feature toggle for disabling file uploads for images

  • Add CEPH object storage metrics

  • Add script to check if usage was correctly calculated in the past billing cycles and to settle usage if necessary.

  • Add option for clients to mark all notifications as read

  • Add option to boot from volume in community images tab on instance boot source select dialog

  • Add tooltip to show image names on boot from iso and rescue image card selection

  • Add information on which instance the volume is attached to on volume details page

  • Add external billing id for services

  • Add possibility to mark billing histories as invoiced from external module


  • Mark terminated services related project as deleted and hide them to keep revenue data. Until now, the services were deleted. With the latest release we changed how this is working. See more on the 2019.09.0 blog post: https://fleio.com/blog/?p=669

  • Allow creating instances from volume snapshots

  • Increase ssh key size

  • Manually issue invoice for service

  • Do not allow a regular user to be updated to staff if he has clients associated

  • Replace trash button with x on filters

  • Move billing menu below tickets for end user

  • Display error message and prevent accepting order if product is misconfigured for cpanel and cpanel server products

  • Allow filtering clients with billing agreement

  • Make sure instance related resource usage log end date is set. Add script to check ghost resources Also added a bash script so you can easy check the ghost resources.

sh /var/webapps/fleio/scripts/checkghost
Use --help (or -h) for more information regarding the script usage
  • Update delete service dialog message to inform the user that billing information will also be lost on service deletion.


  • Fix #2192: Do not allow a regular user to be updated to staff if he has clients associated

  • Fix #2193: Superuser label does not show on user details form

  • Fix #2202: Fix clients view when client is assigned to multiple groups and also display only first group for a client

  • Fix #2215: Preserve existing flavor id checkbox appears at flavor creation

  • Fix #2218: Fix invoice created by staff with “Paid” status not getting the fiscal invoice number automatically

  • Fix #2219: Automatically set as paid invoice when it is created with 0 balance

  • Fix #2221: Preserve new lines on invoice item description on invoice details page and on pdf invoices

  • Fix #2226: Show fiscal number in client’s invoices tab

  • Fix #2230: Redirect to product details after creating new product

  • Fix #2231: Remove extra spaces on invoice and other places

  • Fix #2232: Do not allow currency selection on add payment. Default to invoice currency.

  • Fix #2233: Show invoice as paid right after adding payment from staff panel

  • Fix #2237: Fix missing delete action on list view

  • Fix #2240: Use cpu, network.*.packets and networks.*.bytes metrics instead cpu_util and *.rate metrics for displaying instance CPU/network metrics

  • Fix #2253: Action buttons overflow the image card

  • Fix #2264: Show confirmation dialog on transaction actions in journal

  • Fix #2274: Fix not displaying the correct amount for revenue report per location

  • Fix #2281: Typo on send mass email page

  • Fix #2282: Set client active when resuming a service for a suspended client

  • Fix #2284: Fix next invoice date and next due date after new order and payment

  • Fix #2290: Fix incorrect path to django locale in base_settings. Fix various translation issues.

  • Fix #2292, #2293: Cancel pending service and unpaid invoice when canceling order

  • Fix #2294: Fix port creation and allocation to instance(and related ips) not appearing anymore in activity log

  • Fix #2295: Text is overflowing on rescue

  • Fix #2298: Fix overlapping text in billing history resource details on mobile screens

  • Fix several typos and other small bugs.






  • Removed default volume type option on volume creation dialog