Release date: 2020-03-10

v2020.03.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in https://keepachangelog.com/.


  • Add end-user feature toggle to hide cluster templates and not allow managing them but still allow creation of clusters using them

  • Allow defining start date and end date for OpenStack pricing rules

  • Add configuration setting to not invoice services with zero price and default it to True

  • Display process clients cron status on dashboard

  • Add script to automatically adjust TAX exempt based on client’s VAT id

  • Add configuration to limit simultaneous image uploads from URL


  • Display operation step error for staff. Improve operation status display

  • Hide cluster templates with hidden label for end-users

  • Set VAT exempt automatically when client is created if the clients uses a valid VAT id


  • Fix #2726: Make port links redirect to port details on client cloud resources tab and leave default color for icons on instance networking tab

  • Fix #2762: Fix related invoices link on service details in reseller frontend giving 404 errors after redirect

  • Fix #2769: Fix snapshots tab on instance throwing 404 if client has previously terminated Openstack services

  • Fix #2782: On instance metrics details, show the time unit for 7days and 30days metrics as daily

  • Fix #2787: Fix revenue reports generation errors after latest billing updates

  • Fix #2788: Fix creating client from fleio-whmcs being broken

  • Fix #2789: Fix boot from ISO in end-user panel

  • Fix #2790: Fix not being able to add ips on instance due to subnet param or due to instantiating neutron client with wrong region

  • Fix #2790: Fix not being able to add ips on instance due to subnet param or due to instantiating neutron client with wrong region

  • Fix #2792: On client edit/add forms, if there is vat error due to country mismatch, reset it after changing country

  • Fix #2795: Fix verify resize tooltip message

  • Fix #2808: Fix default project description template setting not being used

  • Fix #2810: Fix ticket notifications not using the translated templates when related user has a different language than default one

  • Fix #2812: Make sure browser autocomplete is off for instance name

  • Fix #2816: Include billing agreement status when getting details for clients

  • Fix #2823: Allow client deletion even if there is a revenue report generated for that client

  • Fix #2832: Prevent multiple collect traffic data scripts from running in parallel






  • Remove reset usage functionality and fix errors thrown when getting billing details for a client as a reseller user