Release date: 2020-04-09

v2020.04.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in https://keepachangelog.com/.


  • Ensure that the billing starts for synced resources that are not created from notifications

  • Add permissions for editing/deleting/impersonating users

  • Add application_idle_timeout setting for frontend

  • Allow hourly billing for certain metrics that use mean, max and min aggregation

  • Add feature toggle to hide hypervisor information to end-users. By default hypervisors will be shown in end-user panel

  • Add setting to remove rebuild action for instances booted from volume

  • Add setting to allow end-users to resize instances only to the same flavor group

  • Show if client is on a billing agreement on client details page in staff

  • Add billing type on products

  • Add flag for marking a service as free


  • Billing functionality was reworked

  • Enhancements on instance create when user selects storage based on selected flavor

  • Implement show/hide to clients toggle for images created by staff in reseller frontend

  • Allow one time and recurring cycles on the same product

  • Allow process clients cron to process only certain clients passed as a parameter

  • Show owned images tab on instance create whenever owned images are available

  • Show hypervisor aggregates next to names on migration host selection

  • Make process clients cron more efficient

  • Allow multiple values to be specified in ROUTER_PORT_DEVICE_OWNER setting


  • Fix #2368: On ssh keys dialog, make sure scrolling to copy keys is not required when generating keys on larger screens

  • Fix #2797: Make sure metric based pricing rules work with tiered pricing definitions

  • Fix #2800: Show detailed info about instance storage on instance details

  • Fix #2833: Make sure end-users terms of service agreement does not interfere with reseller users

  • Fix #2840: Do not collect usage for non billable services

  • Fix #2841: Allow end users/staff to add security group rules with protocol ‘any’

  • Fix #2842: Make ports not mandatory for security group rules with protocol set to ‘Other’

  • Fix #2852: Fix API error on billing summary

  • Fix #2859: Fix volume remaining in attaching state when creating instance from volume

  • Fix #2862: Make sure right to left support is activated for Dari language

  • Fix #2864: Fix buttons next to users on users tab in client details page in reseller not working

  • Fix #2882: Fix not being able to create pricing rule without start and end date in reseller frontend

  • Fix #2883: Fix billing history not working properly in reseller panel.

  • Fix #2855: Update fleio_info django command to display information about database (server info, database name, charset, collation, last migration)

  • Fix #2865: Fix tiered pricing display on openstack plans

  • Fix #2886: Fix ‘Unable to delete’ message when editing a flavor

  • Fix #2889: Mark invoiced periods as paid and subtract from client credit (settle invoiced periods) when paying invoices from external billing module

  • Fix #2892: Fix deletion of terminated reseller services

  • Fix #2893: Fix crash when accessing detailed invoices

  • Fix #2894: Fix automatic termination working even if related setting is deactivated. Show auto terminate date for services in frontend.

  • Fix #2895: Set error for all failed steps in operations

  • Fix #2910: Instance list page doesn’t work if you delete the image that was used for an instance launch

  • Fix #2920: Cannot add credit if resulted credit is negative.

  • Fix #2926: Some snapshots not being charged






  • Removed filter and modifier options (cell_name and os_version) in pricing rules for traits that are not used.