v2020.12.0 BETA

Release date: 2020-12-10


v2020.12.0 is a BETA version and it’s not recommended for production environment.

Fleio uses the continuous delivery model, read more at Fleio release model.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


  • Swift object store support for end user

  • Add option Every other day to instances backup schedules

  • Add SSL support for docker installation


  • #1894: Allow delete and recreate record from a DNS zone in a single update

  • #3662: Better handling of set license errors

  • #3672: Show invoices in reverse chronological order

  • #3680: Show message that a gateway has to be configured instead of form on invoice add payment tab if no gateways available

  • #3748: Change docker volume size validators based on docker storage driver on cluster create

  • #3764: Ensure action are always disabled when no permissions, ensure all permissions work

  • #3769: On new product form, preselect “TODO module” for module and “Fixed plus dynamic” for price model if available

  • #3771: Hide OpenStack, Authorization and User Groups menu items for regular staff users. These will be displayed only for super admins

  • #3779: Improve notifications page in new angular panel: add more filtering options, fix default ordering, highlight the not read notifications, add read all button, etc

  • #3799: Hide menu items only available in new frontend panel if the related new angular panel is not activated

  • #3803: Show date in medium format on orders list view in new staff panel

  • #3804: Support external billing system configuration for not invoicing outside end of cycle timespan

  • #3815: On mobile list views, wrap all action buttons under a more dropdown button

  • #3883: Hide impersonate button for inactive users in users list in new staff panel

  • #3902: Allow more verbose logs for logging openstack events feature

  • #3911: Display gravatar on client dropdown selectors in new staff panel


  • #2317: Fix PDF invoice missing diacritics with default font

  • #3278: Fix default openstack product is created incorrectly. Previously the openstack product had no currency and they were set to relative pricing

  • #3673: Fix exception when calling suspend service twice on the same service. Fix suspend service being called twice from process clients cron when the client needs to be suspended.

  • #3683: Fix cancelled order status

  • #3694: Fix cannot create openstack product if the first form submit had errors

  • #3695: Add message on configurable option save. Fix validation error for internal name

  • #3713: Fix unexpected log warning in fleio when FLEIO_ACTIVITY log level was set

  • #3737, #3751: Hide error before re-doing a sync and improve error display on openstack settings page

  • #3758: Rebuild does not redirect to previous page

  • #3760: On user profile form in new frontend, if user language is not defined, use configured default language from angular configs

  • #3755: Fix error message on code field in SFA confirm pages and fix redirect after successful code submit if user refreshed the SFA confirm page before

  • #3777: Fix license expiration tooltip and license expiration dialog title

  • #3785: Fix resumed clients count on process clients task counting clients that are not resumed by the cron (were suspended manually)

  • #3793: Add missing fields (Provider physical network and Provider segmentation id) on network create form in new angular panel

  • #3797: Fix sometimes field errors not appearing on edit profile form. Fix some error messages that overlap below input.

  • #3809: Fix missing space between multiple action buttons (i.e. action buttons on Network page)

  • #3820: Fix instance metric graphs sometimes going below 0 in enduser panel

  • #3826: Do not return openstack project for terminated services

  • #3940: Instance rescue form submit from new angular panel is not working anymore

  • #3852: Fix not being able to remove IP from instance networking tab in new staff panel

  • #3869: Add ‘billing.credit_estimate’ feature and condition credit estimate and invoicing info message from dashboard and billing history by it

  • #3881: Fix message appearing that you are attaching volume when you close the attach volume dialog by pressing ESC key

  • #3884: Fix invalid notification url error appearing if submitting notifications URL textarea with empty newline

  • #3901: Fix move instance failing when port management is restricted to admin

  • #3909: Fix not being able to create port without specifying IP/subnet in new staff panel and add loading screen while form is being submitted

  • #3910: Fix subnets not changing when changing network selection on instance add port dialog

  • #3912: Fix subnets filtering on add interface to router page

  • #3923: Server group description not marked as mandatory in new staff

  • #3927: Load more button on the right on some large screens in list view pages

  • #3928: Network RBAC table is not updated correctly on network updates

  • #3932: Fix some backup failure notifications not being sent

  • #3940: Instance rescue form submit from new angular panel is not working anymore


  • End user panel (Angular) is still in development. For the moment we have only a few pages available and by default is disabled. You can enable the angular frontend for enduser by adding ANGULAR_ENDUSER_FRONTEND = True in settings.py file followed up by restarting Fleio (see Restarting Fleio)


  • Note that the system package (deb/rpm) repos deployment of Fleio will be deprecated in a few months (no exact date set yet) and deploying Fleio with docker will be the only way to run Fleio. Therefore we encourage everyone to test docker deployment in a lab environment as soon as possible.


  • #3731: Remove default checkbox on network create/edit if ‘openstack.networks.auto_create_network’ is false

  • #3754: Remove step status on operation details, add it in the title of step related icons in new angular panel

  • #3784: Remove hyperlink from ‘add credit to your account’ text from enduser dashboard billing info message. The button underneath it already redirects to add credit and we do not need 2 hyperlinks to the same place one next to another.




  • Beta packages are not publicly released

  • In order to test Beta you need to upgrade directly from packages by following this guide or install Fleio using docker. The https://fleio.com/install script will normally require a --include-beta in the future to be consider beta versions when installing “latest”. In this release --include-beta is considered present, since it’s the first and the only version of Fleio installable via docker.

  • If you have an active license and you want to test the Beta release, please contact us at support at fleio.com

  • In 2021.02 release we will remove the frontend customization feature. These customizations will be done entirely in Docker.

  • Translations in their current form will not work on the new angular frontend. We are working on implementing a new way to add translations to the new angular frontend too.