v2020.10.0 BETA

Release date: 2020-10-06


v2020.10.00 is a BETA version and it’s not recommended for production environment.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


  • Add logs for pricing rules actions. Log edited fields, filters, modifiers values.

  • Add configurable password strength

  • Add setting to configure default items display mode (cards or list) in new Angular frontend

  • Add support for icon next to details card title in new angular frontend

  • Add hidden field option to Magnum cluster templates and take it into account

  • Add feature toggle for end user client profile country change


  • Use operations for creating instance from image, from existing volume or from volume snapshot

  • Make Magnum clusters work with Openstack notifications

  • Allow filtering invoices by client

  • Show if a DNS recordset is in status ERROR. Make the row’s text and input fields red and display status.

  • Check “Auto delete volume when instance is terminated” by default

  • Log all suspend/resume client operations

  • Allow using quotes in search. A quoted string will be treated as a word

  • Allow searching operations by id in django admin

  • Ensure auto payment is not triggered for zero credit invoices

  • Reorganize General settings Authentication and TOS tabs

  • Implement auto setup on order for all types of products

  • Prevent creation of two pricing plans with the same name

  • Add specific deletion success or failure messages for every object delete action (instances, volumes, images, etc).

  • Set create instance activity log entries as failed if create instance fails

  • Change description for billing cycle as calendar month configuration option

  • Change label for when order is placed box

  • Show access ip and actions on smaller screens on instances list page in angular new staff panel

  • Remove the need to hover for action buttons to appear on smaller screens

  • Use regions from Fleio db when processing clients metrics and remove some unnecessary requests. Add can_process_metrics field for regions.

  • Use html editor on terms of service’s content input in new staff panel

  • Remove ‘Instance’ text prefix from instance card details title in new staff panel

  • Allow filtering networks by region when creating floating IPs. Remove required constraint from description field

  • Display only images matching instance’s flavor requirements on boot from iso and rescue pages

  • Show actual error message when trying to associate IP to instance and no free ports/floating ips are available

  • Add client details to images in angular frontend


  • Fix #3494: Delete queued image on http error when uploading image from url

  • Fix #3505: Fix client status not being refreshed on client details properly

  • Fix #3506: Create flavor form does not close after create

  • Fix #3507: Fix no error displayed when attempting to delete a flavor group with assigned flavor

  • Fix #3518: Fix infinite scroll not working when missing scrollbar (on large screen resolutions) by adding a button to load more entries

  • Fix #3523: Fix fedora-coreos icon on reseller

  • Fix #3528: Entering a zone details with a lot of DNS recordsets takes a lot of time

  • Fix #3533: Fix errors from browser console on new staff panel dashboard when no Openstack settings are saved and feature is used.

  • Fix #3538: Fix tab content not being refreshed periodically in certain situations

  • Fix #3540: Fix hideVolumeSelectionForFlavorsWithDisk setting not working at first selection in new angular panels. Show flavor group description in flavors as cards.

  • Fix #3541, #3441, #3548: Fix image launch when not using flavors as cards & fix out of stock flavors not being disabled on flavors as cards in new staff panel. Filter flavors on image launch

  • Fix #3549: Fix price rule deletion

  • Fix #3551: Instance snapshots status is not being updated

  • Fix #3565: Align instance actions (start, stop, reboot, etc.)

  • Fix #3567: Flavor group is not correctly displayed on flavors card view in Angular

  • Fix #3569: Fix create subnet when a DNS is specified

  • Fix #3591: Remove CPU MB unit on flavor details


  • Docker installation








  • Beta packages are not publicly released

  • In order to test Beta you need to upgrade directly from packages by following this guide

  • If you have an active license and you want to test the Beta release, please contact us at support at fleio.com

  • On upgrade and on a fresh installation you will notice a CryptographyDeprecationWarning. We are aware of it and we will address this on the next release.