Release date: 2019-01-22

v2019.01.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


  • Add links to client from invoice and remove card-in-card displaying of notes on service details

  • Add option to prefix API user with username

  • Add additional filters

  • Disable buttons for actions that enduser don’t have permission to

  • Add flavor groups

  • Add volume boot feature

  • Add cron for process clients billing

  • Disable buttons for actions that staff users or end users don’t have permissions for and add meaningful warning tooltips

  • Improve base url parsing

  • Improve cinder client API version handling

  • Implement proper search for IPv6 using compressed form

  • Add UI for client groups and allow setting default client and user group to be used at signup

  • Add authorization settings for most cloud objects

  • Add setting to define method for getting custom details on pdf invoices

  • Allow end user image upload


  • Fix #1056, #1083: Add support for optimized plugin loading and remove /plugin/ from urls

  • Fix #1077: Validate create server form before submit

  • Fix #1082: Fix reloading app services statuses on dashboard when clicking the reload button not working

  • Fix #1084, #1085: Add frontend support for ensuring OpenStack feature can be disabled without side effects and make sure images in ticket details are not over-enlarged

  • Fix #1086: Allow deletion of instances while under scheduling task state

  • Fix #1088, #1095: Fix filtering options not available for volumes and fix reloading some pages causing applied filters to disappear

  • Fix #1091: Allow users to rebuild instances from an instance snapshot

  • Fix #1094: Make sure tags on client cards do not overflow container

  • Fix #1097, #1663: Paginate users list on user group details page

  • Fix #1101: Handle errors when failing to delete SSH key and show successful message only after deletion was finished

  • Fix #1102: Fix link to fleio being present even on white label licenses

  • Fix #1337: Optimize plugin loading in frontend. Remove /plugin/ from url. Remove required components from states

  • Fix #1461: Change password prompt while bootstrapping environment

  • Fix #1622: Set celery service status on dashboard to active when celery_task_always_eager setting is set to True in settings

  • Fix #1628: Paginate response when getting tickets for linking

  • Fix #1633, #1636: Ensure users can disable OpenStack on fleio without side effects

  • Fix #1641: Allow client deletion in demo mode

  • Fix #1642: Raise ‘400 bad request’ rather than 500 when updating profile and ‘allow_changing_password’ feature is disabled or old password is incorrect

  • Fix #1645: Client field errors do not appear on domain contacts dialog

  • Fix #1648 Error 500 on Staff billing journal page

  • Fix #1075: Improve feature toggle by adding multi level features and features dependencies

  • Fix #1675: Make hypervisor type field on os images allow null values when updating image