v2020.07.0 BETA

Release date: 2020-07-02


v2020.07.0 is a BETA version and it’s not recommended for production environment.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


  • Add auto invoicing feature

  • Implement operations in angular

  • Implement activity log in angular

  • Implement staff tickets and departments plugin in angular

  • Implement todo pages in angular

  • Implement revenue reports in angular


  • Display all periodic task status in dashboard


  • Fix #2997: Fix create instance from volume fails if instance min disk is 0 and instance size is greater than default volume size

  • Fix #3024: Fix auto setup. Fix cycle already paid error when processing paid invoice

  • Fix #3107: Backend responses in angular frontend are not received in user language

  • Fix #3176: Redirect to list page after deleting an object in Angular

  • Fix #3177: Disable some instance action buttons when instance is under a task

  • Fix #3189: Fix both staff and reseller pricing plans appearing on delete dialog in staff panel in ‘plan to migrate’ select options regardless of plan’s owner.

  • Fix #3206: Fix properties being removed from a flavor after editing it

  • Fix #3215: If deleting OS pricing plan fails, make sure plan migrations are reset. Show detailed error when failing to remove pricing plan tied to reseller resources.

  • Fix #3225: Wait for check license threads to finish before restarting uwsgi in order to prevent random errors at refresh/set license

  • Fix #3232: Fix incorrect behaviour when navigating billing history

  • Fix #3235: Fix top bar being broken when breadcrumb text is too long

  • Fix #3236: Make list view resposive and handle long texts in columns

  • Fix #3238: Do not recreate UI objects on card view when reloading data

  • Fix #3240: Display message warning user that default port will be deleted on detach

  • Fix #3245: Add setting with increased character limit on ticket body, ticket reply, note

  • Fix #3246: Fix infinite scroll for views with more than 40 objects

  • Fix #3249: Fix snapshots tab disappearing on instance details when disabling volumes for a region

  • Fix #3250: Add more logs in collect_traffic_data script

  • Fix #3256: Fix details not present on detailed invoices

  • Fix #3257: Refresh interval does not change when object is refreshed on object details page

  • Fix #3260: Fix side bar opening or closing on list auto reload depending on window resolution

  • Fix #3261: Fix upload image operation remains in progress for invalid url. Delete image if upload image fails

  • Fix #3262: Fix cannot login after you logout without refreshing the page first

  • Fix #3273: Attempting to upgrade an openstack service created with the default product will generate a 500 server error


  • Docker installation




  • Remove service dynamic usage history admin as it’s data has become obsolete




  • Beta packages are not publicly released

  • In order to test Beta you need to upgrade directly from packages by following this guide

  • If you have an active license and you want to test the Beta release, please contact us at support at fleio.com