Release date: 2019-11-07

v2019.11.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in https://keepachangelog.com/.


  • Add setting in configurations to add initial credit for newly created clients

  • Add support for setting and removing flavor properties in Fleio

  • Add service billing history concept


  • Link billing history to service instead of client

  • Support multiple Openstack services per client (no more than 1 being active)

  • Add on-hold status for tickets

  • Change ticket colors based on status

  • Show what version of ToS users has accepted on user details

  • Allow defining in settings.py the desired format for SSH private keys and default it to traditional OpenSSL format

  • Make preserve flavor id checkbox on flavor edit checked by default

  • Add hypervisor on instance details for end user


  • Fix #2252: Region shows twice if the flavor is hidden

  • Fix #2386: Fix not being able to launch a private image for a client from staff panel when using flavors as cards

  • Fix #2405: Show image is snapshot on image card and table view page

  • Fix #2410: Fix not being able to associate a floating IP that was previously associated to a port and now is free

  • Fix #2411: Show floating ips under ports in instances networking tab. Fix disassociate button not working for enduser floating ips and fix tooltips and text

  • Fix #2420: When changing existing service cycle, also re-calculate prices for related configurable options

  • Fix #2421: Fix overflowing text on instance create form when image source name is too long

  • Fix #2422: Prevent service cycle change for services with unpaid invoices

  • Fix #2434: Do not show community images in enduser my images page

  • Fix #2436: Fix missing translations

  • Fix #2449: Do not sanitize code when staff is saving notification templates

  • Fix #2453: Associate ip-port selection shows the ip instead of port

  • Fix #2463: Fix collect traffic data when measures are missing from gnocchi

  • Fix #2464: Do not show 404 on instance metrics tabs when measures are missing from gnocchi

  • Fix #2477: Fix estimate usage not being able to determine next cycle when calculating hours left and billing cycle as month is active

  • Fix #2479: Disk space is not showing if instance is booted from iso

  • Fix #2483: Fix not being able to see TOS preview page if end-user / staff user is not logged in.

  • Fix #2486: Fix network resource last check date update when measures are missing from gnocchi

  • Fix #2489: Correct text for the “from” input field in send mass email page

  • Fix #2492: Remove port range parameter when creating ALL ICMP security group rule

  • Fix #2494: Increase the username text input length.


  • Reseller feature: user & client support








  • Reseller feature is in an early alpha state.