v2020.09.0 BETA

Release date: 2020-09-03


v2020.09.00 is a BETA version and it’s not recommended for production environment.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


  • Implement image launch

  • Implement Cloud/Instances pages in angular

  • Implement Billing/Products in newstaff panel

  • Implement Cloud/Networks page in angular

  • Implement cloud zones page in angular

  • Implement Cloud/Subnet pools page in Angular

  • Implement Cloud/Floating ips page in Angular

  • Implement Cloud/Flavor groups page in Angular

  • Implement Cloud/Volume snapshot page in Angular

  • Implement Cloud/Volume backups page in Angular

  • Implement Cloud/Images page in Angular

  • Implement Cloud/Security groups in angular

  • Implement Cloud/Cluster templates in angular

  • Implement Cloud/Flavors pages in angular

  • Implement Cloud/Ports page in Angular

  • Implement Cloud/Volumes page in Angular

  • Implement Cloud/Clusters page in Angular


  • Move buttons to the right of edit forms and dialogs

  • Hide instances backup tab if instance is booted from volume

  • Display fiscal invoice number on client invoices tab in new staff panel

  • Remove rescue and boot from iso actions for instances booted from volume

  • Allow users to perform actions with no permissions associated if grant new permissions implicitly is unchecked

  • Display cpanel related information on services


  • Fix #3274: Fix get certificate and add get config feature for clusters, allow configurable field values for cluster templates and add possibility to assign flavors to them

  • Fix #3297: Fix instance metric graphs sometime go below 0

  • Fix #3409: Handle 500 error raised when getting create options for a client without openstack project

  • Fix #3413: After replying to a ticket, make sure user signature is written back to the reply textarea.

  • Fix #3415: Fix columns on the right end of activity log task rows misalignment

  • Fix #3419: Fix journal page mobile responsiveness issues. Always show action buttons without the need to hover over rows

  • Fix #3423: Fix create user card having a red status bar and checkboxes being misaligned when reseller feature is off

  • Fix #3429: Fix second factor authentication cards not being centered on old angularJs panels

  • Fix #3434: Fix flavor becoming unassociated with instance after edit

  • Fix #3443: Fix cpanel account creation

  • Fix #3448: Clear cached settings when saving openstack configuration

  • Fix #3449: Fix new port form cannot be submitted

  • Fix #3450: Fix filter by status on Billing/Services page

  • Fix #3453: Add log configuration for process clients cron output to base_settings.py

  • Fix #3454: Fix issue in process clients cron when price rules are added during processing

  • Fix #3455: Add flavors and flavor groups assignment tab on images details

  • Fix #3456: Redirect to previous page after login

  • Fix #3458: Ensure all links point to the new frontend

  • Fix #3461: Fix text from activity log overflowing table rows in some cases

  • Fix #3470: Make client confirm delete dialog ask if all resources should be deleted


  • Docker installation







  • Beta packages are not publicly released

  • In order to test Beta you need to upgrade directly from packages by following this guide

  • If you have an active license and you want to test the Beta release, please contact us at support at fleio.com