Release date: 2019-07-09

v2019.07.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in https://keepachangelog.com/.


  • Add support for openstack magnum kubernetes

  • Add posibility to download images

  • Add possibility to add ticket opener in the new ticket opened notifications

  • Conditioned displaying shared or external networks to end user by feature toggles

  • Allow end-users and staff to generate OpenRC file from API users list page

  • Allow adding multiple ssh keys on instance create/rebuild

  • Set instance root password and ssh keys through cloud-init userdata and allow adding extra userdata templates for end-user and staff instances in settings.py

  • Allow defining LXC console proxy endpoints per region

  • Allow regions to be disabled for end user from django admin - end user will not see the disabled regions


  • Make amount value on staff billing journal page orange if the payment needs to be captured

  • Add icon with tooltip to note that input should be split with spaces if it exceeds 255 chars on zone details page TXT records

  • Document endpoint settings for LXC console

  • Show bootable flag on volume details page

  • Redirect to previous url when leaving cannot connect page after a connection to the server was established

  • Upgrade 3rd party libs


  • Fix #1676: Fix romcard transaction not getting updated after capture action. Fix invoice and new transaction not getting updated after refund action

  • Fix #1859: Use random id for ticket attachments

  • Fix #2043: Show missing disk format and container format info on end-user image details page

  • Fix #2045: Save region for volume backups

  • Fix #2046: Fix frontend requests rejects (e.g. email not confirmed, ..) not redirecting on the right state sometimes and also make sure only one toast appears telling about the error and not multiple ones at the same time

  • Fix #2047: Handle errors when Amazon SNS settings are incorrect or missing

  • Fix #2051: Filter images by assigned flavor when flavors as cards is active. Fix various problems when region/client is changed

  • Fix #2065: Fix edit subnet dialog not showing the enable dhcp property of subnet properly

  • Fix #2066: Filter flavors on resize instance form based image-flavor/flavor group association

  • Fix #2067: Make hypervisors column in instances list ellipsis-text

  • Fix #2068: Fix new projects name template setting not taken into account

  • Fix #2072: Make the nginx default template allow static content from stripe

  • Fix #2074: Make sender name setting work even if sender email was not set

  • Fix #2075: Remove hardcoded IP in LXC console

  • Fix #2076: Incorrect time range in invoices generated for a service

  • Fix #2081: Make sure image type is set when running sync

  • Fix #2082: Keep capitalization in filtering dropdown options text

  • Fix #2085: Make sure bootable attribute for volumes gets updated in fleio when volume is created/updated

  • Fix #2087: Handle subnet creation without gateway and fix dns, host routes, allocation pools not appearing on subnet update form and not being able to update them

  • Fix #2098: Fix not being able to update images os_distro field and add fedora-atomic to choices for os_distro field

  • Fix #2099: Security group rule for ‘All ICMP’ cannot be created

  • Fix #2102: Fix tinymce handling of absolute urls

  • Fix #2106: Do not translate Romcard description param in request










Due to a misconfiguration stripe payment page won’t load correctly and you will need to do some changes in nginx conf if you update Fleio from an older version.

Edit /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/[YOUR_DOMAIN].conf and add the following:

location /static/stripe {
    alias /var/webapps/fleio/project/fleio/billing/gateways/stripe/static/stripe;

Restart nginx service after editing the file in order to apply the changes.