Release date: 2021-11-11

v2021.11.1 is a stable version. This Changelog also lists all items from 2021.11.0 Changelog. New fixes, added in 2021.11.1 release, are marked with bold.

Fleio uses the continuous delivery model, read more at Fleio release model.

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  • [add] #4748 Ticket predefined replies

  • [add] [enduser] #4808 Make cart more visible

  • [add] #4830 Token authentication in Fleio

  • [add] #4837 Support for CAA recordset type

  • [add] #4845 Enable browser spellchecking in WYSIWYG editors

  • [add] #4849 Min and max value for quantity input configurable option

  • [add] #4850 Priority rating for product’s configurable options

  • [add] #4851 Product links tab on product details

  • [add] #4857 Product checkbox “Allow zero price order”

  • [add] #4860 Show conf. options on service detail

  • [add] [staff] #4867 Triangle in front of product group

  • [add] [staff] #4872 Filter services by product

  • [add] #4875 Dark theme

  • [add] #4891 Client email log

  • [add] #4893 Add new MaxMind options to skip fraud checks or automatically mark orders as fraud based on previous orders

  • [add] #4904 Display associated instance on the floating IP cards / list view

  • [add] [staff] #4909 Order days grace configuration option

  • [add] #4918 Title attribute of full text of all truncated texts

  • [add] [staff] #4925 Add text explaining price filter

  • [add] [staff] #4926 Add text explaining price modifier

  • [add] #4928 Order fraud status


  • [change] [enduser] #4814 Display quota related errors

  • [change] #4825 Highlight dropdown functionality for resource usage history

  • [change] #4835 Format password reset email

  • [change] #4871 Show “paid until” in service list

  • [change] #4842 Allow configurable options edit when editing service

  • [change] #4846 Increase WYSIWYG editor height

  • [change] #4847 TinyMCE undo in smaller steps

  • [change] #4848 Estimate new price when editing pre-paid service

  • [change] #4855 Log level for process clients cron email notifications

  • [change] #4859 Make the service order card wider

  • [change] #4868 Reduce top padding on mobile

  • [change] #4887 Move mass mail to new menu option

  • [change] #4890 On new service invoice set due date to service paid until minus 1 day

  • [change] [staff] #4895 Make received amounts green and all refunds red in Journal

  • [change] [staff] #4897 Show Fleio API user instead of External in Journal

  • [change] [staff] #4898 Make client journal tab UI identical to global journal

  • [change] #4899 Perform fraud check for all orders

  • [change] #4900 Rename “Compute node” to “Hypervisor” on instance filters

  • [change] #4914 Detailed info on how to save long TXT record

  • [change] #4919 Use capitalization for Google Authenticator

  • [change] #4920 Prefill time out value on cluster create form

  • [change] [staff] #4921 Move Billing cycle after Day in Time unit drop down on create pricing rule

  • [change] [enduser] #4924 Replace Enduser in breadcrumb with Home

  • [change] [staff] #4927 Pricing rule price modifier field names to be more eloquent

  • [change] #4932 Only one setting for recordset min TTL


  • [fix] #3678 nginx cannot connect to uwsgi after docker-compose restart

  • [fix] #4812 Order is marked as completed even if services are not created

  • [fix] #4828 Volume details returns 404 when volume backups is disabled

  • [fix] [staff] #4829 Snapshot tab is not displayed for all regions

  • [fix] #4856 Cannot filter invoices by invoice amount 0

  • [fix] #4858 Product related actions are displayed on all rows when hovering any row

  • [fix] [staff] #4862 Ticket assigned user may be partially hidden on table view

  • [fix] #4865 Arrow left on screen after removing all filters on mobile

  • [fix] #4866 Mobile horizontal scroll and form fields overflowing cards

  • [fix] #4883 Long recordsets data is overflowing

  • [fix] [staff] #4886 Show Paid until and Created on Services client tab

  • [fix] #4888 Error on edit domain and saving registrar on domain

  • [fix] #4889 Time-out on invoice edit in Django admin

  • [fix] [staff] #4896 Switch journal source and destination for staff adding credit

  • [fix] [staff] #4894 Long text lines from service notes out of display area

  • [fix] #4902 Pressing enter on filter does not submit them

  • [fix] #4906 Error on ordering item with conf. option huge quantity

  • [fix] #4912 Percentage price modifier is not multiplied by quantity (e.g. GB)

  • [fix] #4916 “Second factor authentication options” title is truncated

  • [fix] #4917 Show longer part of volume name on table volume list and on instance

  • [fix] #4930 Unchanged recordsets on zone are validated though not submitted

  • [fix] #4933 Changing region on instance form selects incorrect image

  • [fix] [staff] #4935 Add IP to instance shows no error when IP not filled

  • [fix] #4944 Incorrect error message when attempting to access a page without being authenticated

  • [fix] #4945 Invoices cannot be downloaded due to token authentication changes

  • [fix] #4949 Invalid token error when accessing token links twice

  • [fix] [enduser] #4953 Service price is not displayed in the end user panel

  • [fix] [enduser] #4958 Ticket edit does not work in end user panel

  • [fix] [enduser] #4965 Upgrade service does not work

  • [fix] #4954 Unit price for configurable option sometimes is wrong; Percentage configurable option price is wrong after configurable option upgrade






  • In the 2021.11 release we have removed the “state” parameter from the MenuItem classes in their definition of menu in settings.py. If you redefined the Fleio menu in settings.py, you will have to remove all traces of the ‘state’ parameter. For more info read the upgrade notes.

  • MinTTL frontend configuration was removed.




  • Before upgrading to 2021.11 please read the upgrade notes.

  • After fixing [fix] #4912 Percentage price modifier is not multiplied by quantity (e.g. GB), some cost increase may appear if you use such pricing rules. If you have automatic suspension enabled, then this change might cause client suspensions.