v2020.11.0 BETA

Release date: 2020-11-05


v2020.11.0 is a BETA version and it’s not recommended for production environment.

Fleio uses the continuous delivery model, read more at Fleio release model.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


  • #2884: Add metrics details section on billing history page. Show metrics cost on reseller panel.

  • #3531: Display reseller’s total usage of all the customers under his account

  • #3534: Implement floating IPs usage measurement through notification messages (from OpenStack’s internal RabbitMQ queue) instead of storing usage information in Gnocchi and retrieve it via Gnocchi API for later processing. This is a humongous performance boost.

  • #3539: Magnum Kubernetes cluster: Add Floating IP enabled checkbox and add feature to show Master LB checkbox on cluster create form (defaults to selected cluster template values).

  • #3543: Add support for upgrading Magnum Kubernetes clusters

  • #3572: Notify user using a toast when an operation has failed

  • #3580: Allow customization of Fleio features per specified client groups

  • #3582: Add shared images tab on select boot source dialog on instance create form in new staff panel

  • #3596: Put invoice in a refresh status mode after paying from credit until invoice is paid

  • #3601: Improve service deletion: staff can now delete a service record without terminating the resource behind (e.g. OpenStack project with instances etc.)

  • #3603: Add generic method of changing resource association with service. Add dialog to change project for OpenStack services

  • #3604: Fix Kubernetes icon for end user

  • #3608: Fix some in progress statuses for Magnum Kubernetes clusters not appearing in fleio after using event notifications

  • #3610, #3669: Show on dashboard and in Billing history the estimated number of days left until you run out of credit. Show estimated cycle cost on Billing history page.

  • #3615: Introduce a new logging level FLEIO_ACTIVITY (besides the classical Python levels: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL). FLEIO_ACTIVITY log level is below (and includes) ERROR and CRITICAL. This logging level is used to offer needed information to cloud operator staff members (like how many clients were processed or why a client was suspended) without being too verbose (like INFO level would be).

  • #3618: Add periodic task logging for all periodic tasks

  • #3629: Allow creating Kubernetes cluster templates without docker volume size for storage drivers other than device mapper

  • #3646 Create Fleio install script for docker. Follow this guide to run Fleio on docker and docker-compose.

  • #3647: Add setting to limit creation of network and routers in specified regions

  • #3659: Add setting to convert user updated PTR record to lowercase

  • #3660: Support MIME text with supported cloud-init Content-Type headers as user data on instance create form


  • #2861: Update configuration page credit settings to refer to up to date credit when needed

  • #3034: Cancel expired upgrade invoices from process clients cron

  • #3054: Do only single cycle processing in process clients cron

  • #3370: Add database transactions to various backend APIs that were missing it

  • #3573: Add upload image button on new angular panel instance create form (boot sources dialog) and allow sharing image with client when using this upload option

  • #3576: Ensure delete volume on termination is set to false when a volume or volume snapshot is selected

  • #3578: Allow resellers to login to cloud operator’s end user panel

  • #3584: Update third party libraries

  • #3586: Fail boot form ISO operation if instance is not active in 1 hour

  • #3593: Hide cryptography warning about next version not supporting python 3.5

  • #3594: Update usage & up to date credit on invoice payments

  • #3597: Search in ticket replies also for staff and end user and in notes for staff

  • #3598: Remove help text from edit port screen.

  • #3602: Display OpenStack project on service page in staff

  • #3607: Make sure to not process backup schedules for instances that are not related to an active service

  • #3613: On instance create form in new staff panel, show hidden fields only on a valid selection of a client

  • #3620: Close filtering options dialog after a filter has been applied, start from filtering options after applying a filter and re-opening menu.

  • #3623, #3699: After frontend recovers from lost backend connectivity, show the same page, instead of redirecting to dashboard

  • #3624: Remove extra space between city name and comma on client details

  • #3630: Do not let user regenerate google authenticator key until he checks a checkbox in the dialog and show more info about the action (new staff panel)

  • #3633, #3638: (new staff panel) Move more buttons to the right end of forms to be consistent with other forms. Allow submission by enter on invoice add payment form.

  • #3635: Add cancel button to edit/create TOS form and corrected Add/Save button placement

  • #3642: Do not display images that does not meet the requirements on rebuild instance

  • #3644: Remove filtering zones option “Filter items without related record” in new staff panel

  • #3649: Display region on port view

  • #3654: Fix display of txt records. Display message when save changes fails

  • #3664: Do not run more than one scheduled backup for the period client was suspended, after he is resumed.

  • #3688: Show region dropdown for networks and routers even if just one region is available to end-user. When you have multiple regions in your cloud but networks or routers creation operation is limited to one region, it makes sense to show that one region in a dropdown, otherwise end-users does not known in which region is the resource created. On one-region clouds, the region field is hidden.

  • #3721: Remove index from PeriodicTaskLog.summary field, reduce task_name length to 255


  • #2996: Allow upgrade/downgrade options for service with one cycle. Allow selecting options at product upgrade from staff.

  • #3606: Fix showing NULL in client card’s subtitle if client company is NULL in db

  • #3609: Fix Magnum Kubernetes clusters being duplicated at create when keypair was already generated in openstack before

  • #3621: Fix SSH keys input becoming invalid on instance create after a failed request in end-user panel

  • #3622: Fix most of the forms not being able to be submitted using ENTER key in new angular panel. Fix various bugs and errors on forms.

  • #3634: Fix terms of service content display in table

  • #3636: Fix breadcrumbs not working on pricing rule create/edit pages

  • #3637: Fix page being broken after deleting TODO on list page. Fix tickets/TODOs deletion redirects from details page in new staff panel.

  • #3643: Fix disable this notification checkbox on notification templates edit not working. Fix some layout issues.

  • #3650: Show load more button on DNS zones list page in new staff panel when backend says it has more pages available

  • #3658: Disable ‘Load more’ button for API Users page, as it’s not needed

  • #3661: Fix 404 toast message appears on client details page after associating or dissociating an user

  • #3671: Fix broken link on journal to invoice

  • #3674: Fix crash on service upgrade when using celery out of process (that is in all production deployments)

  • #3675: Fix reseller billing history page errors when process clients was not run for a new client with a new OS service

  • #3676, #3686: Do not execute callbacks in RefreshTimer unless logged in and unless no logout process was started for most of the periodic requests

  • #3694: Fix error “cannot create openstack product”

  • #3700: Fix enable/disable of Invoicing controls on configuration details based on selected options

  • #3718: Toast message does not close automatically

  • #3726: License cannot be set on fresh installations from packages


  • A major re-design of logging capabilities is under development and some of its preliminary components are included in this release (e.g. #3615 new logging level FLEIO_ACTIVITY, #3618 periodic task logging). This will be completed in a couple of releases and will offer a much better overview and control on what’s going in in Fleio.


  • Note that the system package (deb/rpm) repos deployment of Fleio will be deprecated in a few months (no exact date set yet) and deploying Fleio with docker will be the only way to run Fleio. Therefore we encourage everyone to test docker deployment in a lab environment as soon as possible.






  • Beta packages are not publicly released

  • In order to test Beta you need to upgrade directly from packages by following this guide or install Fleio using docker. The https://fleio.com/install script will normally require a --include-beta in the future to be consider beta versions when installing “latest”. In this release --include-beta is considered present, since it’s the first and the only version of Fleio installable via docker.

  • If you have an active license and you want to test the Beta release, please contact us at support at fleio.com