Fleio version 2019.11 is now available! The latest version was published today, 2019-11-07.

Multiple Openstack service support

With the 2019.11.0 release we have added support for multiple Openstack services. Currently there can be only one active service per client, so in order to actually have multiple Openstack service you need to disable ‘Suspend instead of terminate’ option in your configuration.

Service billing history concept

In the 2019.11.0 version we changed the billing history. In the previous versions, you were seeing the billing history, for the current Openstack service. If somehow, you managed to delete the Openstack service, and created a new one, the billing history was lost.

With the new changes, we are supporting billing history based with multiple services. This allows clients the select what billing history to display based on their current Openstack project.

Multiple Openstack service and service billing history concept implementation are bringing us closer to the phase where we will be able to support multiple Openstack projects.

Early stage reseller support

With 2019.11.0 we are adding an early stage version for reseller support. This includes basic reseller functionality (mostly for backend).

Frontend still has lots of work to be done, so at this moment this is not intended to be used in production environment.

We will provide a more detailed post at the right time.

Flavor properties support

With the latest release we are also adding support for flavor properties. In the previous versions, in order to configure a property to a certain flavor you would have to access Openstack cli in order to set the property, but if that flavor was being edited from Fleio, the previously configured property was lost.

Worth mentioning changes and bug fixes:

  • Fix estimate usage not being able to determine next cycle when calculating hours left and billing cycle as month is active
  • Show what version of ToS users has accepted on user details
  • Add hypervisor on instance details for end user
  • Make preserve flavor id checkbox on flavor edit checked by default
  • Allow defining in settings.py the desired format for SSH private keys and default it to traditional OpenSSL format
  • Do not sanitize code when staff is saving notification templates
  • Fix network resource last check date update when measures are missing from gnocchi
  • Do not show community images in enduser my images page

Fleio 2019.11 includes many more improvements and bug fixes. For a full list see the full 2019.11 changelog.

See the latest version of Fleio in the online demo and contact us to discuss how we can implement Fleio in your OpenStack cloud.