Fleio 2024.05.1 stable – database instance backup schedules, prevent instance creation on a region, new show settings command

Fleio stable version 2024.05.1 is now available.

The new features announced in 2024.05.0 beta are backup schedules for database instances, prevent instance creation on a region, new Fleio show settings command, Fleio new version widget, reduce wait time for processing batches of operations, prevent deletion of terminated services with unsettled cycles and action button on terminated service to settle usage or issue invoices. Read about them in the 2024.05.0 beta release post.

Besides features and bug fixes introduced in 2024.05.0 beta, 9 bugs were fixed in 2024.05.1.

Fleio 2024.03.1 stable now available

We have just released Fleio version 2024.03.1, which is recommended for your production environment.

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Fleio 2024.02.1 stable – role assignment, static routing, improved order notification

Fleio stable version 2024.02.1 is now available.

For the main features that were added, see 2024.02.0 beta release post.

In 2024.02.1 version, 14 more issues were fixed. See full change log of 2024.02.1.

Fleio 2024.01.1 stable – database replicas and pricing rules, create multiple instances

Fleio stable version 2024.01.1 is now available and you can upgrade your staging and production installations.

Staff users can see related operations under an activity log entry.

Besides features and bug fixes introduced in 2024.01.0 beta, 12 bugs were fixed in 2024.01.1.

Fleio 2023.12.1 stable is now available

We have just released Fleio stable version 2023.12.1 and you can now upgrade your production environment.

Load balancer create form shows the estimated cost
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Fleio 2023.10.1 stable – 96 improvements

We have just released Fleio stable version 2023.10.1.

Fleio Docker containers now show health state.
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Fleio 2023.09.1 stable – support for OpenStack Antelope and Debian 12, fleio-collector deprecation

Fleio version 2023.09.1 is now available.

To see new features in 2023.09 and some deprecated components, check the 2023.09.0 beta announcement.

In 2023.09.1, four new bug fixes were included. See the change log.

Fleio 2023.07.1 stable – TLS-certificate support for load balancers, iPay payment gateway

Fleio version 2023.07.1 is now available. See what’s new.

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Fleio 2023.01.1 stable released

We and our partners have further tested the 2023.01.0 (beta) version and we are now releasing 2023.01.1 – stable release.

Select country, auto complete field
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2022.09.1 stable: Billing for load balancers, fleio reconfigure command, pricing rules filters for custom metrics, yearly revenue report

Fleio 2022.09.1 stable was released today, 13th of September, 2022.

The latest version is marked as stable and can be used in production environment. You can read more about our release model here.

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