Fleio 2023.09.0 beta is now available to download and test in your lab environment.

OpenStack 2023.1 Antelope is now supported

OpenStack release 2023.1 (Antelope) requires both, member, and _member_ roles to be added for admin user on all projects. We have added this change in Fleio and have performed all manual and automatic validation tests. You can now safely use Fleio with the latest OpenStack release.

Debian 12 support

Fleio 2023.09.0 upgrades the Docker and Docker Compose V2 versions, and you can now install Fleio on Debian 12 as well.

fleio-collector deprecation

We released the fleio-collector about a decade ago as a small service with one goal: add “region” field to each RabbitMQ notification. Until now, fleio-collector was the only way to use Fleio with a multi-region OpenStack cloud. This is no longer the case. You can now choose in the Fleio OpenStack Notifications settings the region for which you’re adding a notification URL.

If you have a fleio-collector setup, as most of our clients, upgrading to 2023.09 will work seamlessly, and no manual change is required.

fleio-collector will no longer be maintained. We recommend that in the following months, you uninstall the fleio-collector from each region and reconfigure Fleio to work without it.

Ending support for Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04 is already end of life. Installing Fleio 2023.09 on Ubuntu 18.04 is still supported, but we will end support for Ubuntu 18.04 in the following Fleio releases.

More improvements

  • You can now edit Glance image tags from Fleio.
  • Staff users can place orders. This is a single-product order for now. In the next release, we are adding a shopping cart order process, just like for end-users, allowing staff members to add multiple products in a single order.
  • We have improved the configurable options and their price display during the order process, on upgrade, and in the invoice item text.
  • Improvements in editing TLD pricing, domain ordering, and automation based on Openprovider API
  • Following our published development process, which states that we fix bugs first, the 2023.09.0 release includes 34 bug and cosmetic issue fixes.

For a full list of issues included in the 2023.09.0 release, consult the change log.