Fleio v.2024.04.0 beta is now available and you can test it in your lab environment.

Admin and regular user OpenStack role differentiation

We have implemented the feature to define default OpenStack roles for both admin users and standard users. Admin user OpenStack roles should be assigned to projects when creating a service, while roles for standard users should be assigned when an end-user creates an API user.

Ending billing for ghost load balancer and floating IPs resources

We call “ghost resources” OpenStack resources deleted but still billed by Fleio due to errors like missed notifications or processing issues in “updated” container. Now, “fleio sync” also checks ghost resources for load balancers or floating IPs.

Changed the way Fleio estimates how long credit will last

The end-user panel displays an estimation of how long their credit will last on the dashboard and in the billing history page. This estimate will be displayed differently based on the “client credit limit” value. If user sets a positive value in this field, the estimation will be calculated until it reaches the specified value. However, if the user sets a negative value, the estimation will be calculated until client’s credit reaches 0.

Fleio v.2024.04.0 incorporates additional changes and bug fixes. Refer to the change log for a full list: change log.