MonthJune 2024

Fleio 2024.06.1 stable now available

We have just released Fleio version 2024.06.1, which is recommended for your production environment.

The new features announced in 2024.06.1 stable are support for OpenStack Bobcat and Caracal, Affiliate Referral System and automatic assignment of floating IPs for new created instances. Read more about them in the 2024.06.0 beta release post.

In 2024.06.1 version, 14 more issues were fixed. See full changelog 2024.06.1

Fleio 2024.06.0 beta – now supports OpenStack Bobcat and Caracal, affiliate referral system and automatic assignment of floating IPs

Fleio 2024.06.0 beta is available for download and testing in your lab environment.

2023.2 Bobcat and 2024.1 Caracal are now supported

Fleio now supports OpenStack releases 2023.2 (Bobcat) and 2024.1 (Caracal), which require both the member and _member_ roles to be added for the admin user on all projects, as was needed for the Antelope release before. We have added these changes in Fleio and have completed all manual and automatic validation tests. You can now safely use Fleio with the latest OpenStack releases. 

Affiliate Referral System

Fleio now includes a referral program. Invite your friends to join, and you’ll both earn rewards. In your staff panel, located in the General settings section, check out the Referral tab for more details.

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