MonthSeptember 2020

Fleio 2020.09.1 stable was released! What’s new?

Today, 10th of September, we have release the 2020.09.1 version. The latest version is marked as Stable and can be used for production environments.

In the latest release we have completed the migration of staff panel from AngularJS to Angular. Besides that we have added more features to cluster and cluster templates, added performance tweaks and logs for process clients cron, fixed bugs and we continued working on preparing Fleio for Docker.

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Fleio 2020.09.0 Beta: Angular staff completed, clusters changes, tweaks on process clients cron and more

Today, 3rd of September, 2020 we have released v2020.09.0 (beta).

This beta version includes complete angular frontend for staff, changes on clusters and clusters templates, tweaks on process clients cron and more.

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