Fleio 2024.05.1 stable – database instance backup schedules, prevent instance creation on a region, new show settings command

Fleio stable version 2024.05.1 is now available.

The new features announced in 2024.05.0 beta are backup schedules for database instances, prevent instance creation on a region, new Fleio show settings command, Fleio new version widget, reduce wait time for processing batches of operations, prevent deletion of terminated services with unsettled cycles and action button on terminated service to settle usage or issue invoices. Read about them in the 2024.05.0 beta release post.

Besides features and bug fixes introduced in 2024.05.0 beta, 9 bugs were fixed in 2024.05.1.

Fleio 2023.11.1 stable now available

We have just released Fleio stable version 2023.11.1

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Fleio 2023.06.0 beta: Define discounts on services

We have just released Fleio 2023.06.0 beta. Read on to see what’s new and check it out in your lab environment.

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Fleio 2023.05.1 stable: Single Sign-On with SAML 2

Fleio 2023.05.1 stable is now available. We recommend that you test it in a staging environment before upgrading your production installation.

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Fleio 2023.04.1 stable: MongoDB logs, in progress: single sign-on

Fleio stable version 2023.04.1 is now available.

A couple of bugs were fixed and are marked with bold in the 2023.04.1 change log. Read the previous post to see what’s new in 2023.04.

Fleio 2020.03: Timed Openstack pricing rules, automatically set VAT exempt, process clients cron information in dashboard and more

Fleio version 2020.03 is now available! The latest version was published today, 2020-03-10.

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Fleio 2019.04: instance traffic billing, end-user router management, right to left languages

Fleio version 2019.04 is now available.

Just like every month, we’re adding features and improvements to Fleio – OpenStack billing and control panel for public cloud service providers. Read on for the major features in 2019.04.

OpenStack compute instance pricing rule
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Fleio 2019.02: LXC/LXD containers with console, OpenStack discounts, move instances

Fleio – OpenStack billing and control panel for service providers – version 2019.02 is now available.

Some of the new features are unique to Fleio and not present in OpenStack Horizon:

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OpenStack billing features – Fleio 1.0 preview (part 2 of 2)

You saw the billing options you have for block devices and disk images. Today I’d like to show you the OpenStack billing features for compute instances and network traffic.

Fleio can apply a cost to compute instances based on multiple attributes:

  • existence over time (of instance)
  • vCPUs: number of virtual CPU cores
  • root_gb: root file system size in GB
  • memory_mb: the instance memory (RAM)
  • instance_type: the name of the flavor (eg: m1.tiny)
  • availability_zone: the availability zone of the instance
  • cell_name: the name of the cell where the instance resides
  • any other metadata attribute

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