Fleio version 2020.03 is now available! The latest version was published today, 2020-03-10.

Timed Openstack pricing rules

With 2020.03 we have implemented start and end date for Openstack pricing rules. This will allow you to configure certain prices for different resources, within a desired time span. Mostly, this is helpful when you want to update the pricing starting with X date.

Of course, if you don’t want to change the pricing rules, you can leave the start date and end date empty and the pricing rule will be applied with no changes.

VAT exempt changes

In the previous versions the vat exempt option had to be manually checked on each client creation. This was causing some issues where a client had a valid VAT id but he was still being charged for vat taxes.

With 2020.03 we automated the process by adding a check on each client creation. Fleio will see if the client is from within EU and if he has a valid vat ID. If the VAT id is valid, he will be automatically checked as VAT exempt.

Of course, if you want you can still surpass this option by manually editing the client and unchecking the TAX EXEMPT option.

Process clients cron information

One problem that we addressed in 2020.03 release is the information that we have on Fleio staff dashboard. For the moment we added the date when last process clients cron run successfully. This is being shown in the APP SERVICES widget and it will be green if there are less than 24 hours since the last run. If there will be more than 24 hours, the date will be red.

Worth mentioning changes and bug fixes:

  • Add configuration setting to not invoice services with zero price and default it to True
  • Fix snapshots tab on instance throwing 404 if client has previously terminated Openstack services
  • Fix boot from ISO in end-user panel
  • Fix ticket notifications not using the translated templates when related user has a different language than default one
  • Prevent multiple collect traffic data scripts from running in parallel

Fleio 2020.03 includes many more improvements and bug fixes. For a full list see the full 2020.03 changelog.

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