Fleio version 2020.02 is now available! The latest version was published today, 2020-02-13.

Openstack ports CRUD support

With the 2020.02 release we have added support for creating, reading, updating and deleting Openstack ports. We have added this feature in order to allow end-users to create / migrate ports between instances.

Detailed invoices

With the latest release we have added more details on the invoices. We implemented this in order to offer cloud providers the ability to display all the needed information directly on the invoice, without having to check the billing history for the said period.

This change is being applied for both Fleio and for Fleio reseller.

Move deploy instance from ISO to operations

We are continuing on improving and adding more long duration activities to the operation tab that was introduced in the 2020.01 version.

With 2020.02 we moved the instance deployment from ISO to the operations page.

As a quick reminder, you can find the operation page under the Utilities menu.

Worth mentioning changes and bug fixes:

  • Add setting to allow login with both username and email in the authentication tab in settings page (Settings -> General -> Authentication)
  • Allow editing flavors again but show warning message about possible problems when changing fields, especially the name field
  • Improve product cycle add/edit dialog and display. Remove hour cycle and add daily cycle
  • Make sure stripe payments work when card requires authentication (e.g. 3D Secure). Use payment intents API
  • Fix: Credit notifications are being sent too early
  • Fix: Do not process pending, cancelled or archived services when generating revenue reports
  • Fix: Do not show input fields on instance create form in reseller/staff panel only after client is selected

Fleio 2020.02 includes many more improvements and bug fixes. For a full list see the full 2020.02 changelog.

See the latest version of Fleio in the online demo and contact us to discuss how we can implement Fleio in your OpenStack cloud.