Fleio version 2019.12 is now available! The latest version was published today, 2019-01-16.

Operations user interface

With the 2020.01 release we have added a new user interface feature: Operations

We decided to add this feature in order to improve the way that some tasks were being done and to make all the preparations to move all Celery tasks to Operations.

One of the reasons we added this is that sometimes Celery tasks take a lot of time and they fail (due to timeout). Also, on some tasks (like deploying instances from volumes) some steps were not actually showing, so the end user did not know what is happening.

At this moment, the operations feature is taking care of deploying instances from volume and for moving instances. We do plan to add more operations in a future release.

Ticketing system improvements

With the latest patch we have changed the information that is being shown on the tickets page. On the previous releases we had the date of the latest reply, which was not really helpful.

We changed that with a timer that counts the minutes / days / months since the last reply.

Another change that we implemented is to make the updates in tickets more visible. In order to add that we made those specific tickets row more bolder.

Worth mentioning changes and bug fixes:

  • Fix instances backups scheduling. Allow defining day of week when backups should be created if schedule type is weekly.
  • Add checkbox to allow using a custom text area for adding custom code without being altered when editing notifications templates
  • Allow configuration of logout redirect for end user and staff panels
  • Do not allow editing/deletion of flavors used by instances
  • Change login username input label back to ‘Username’ and add frontend setting to customize it
  • Client is removed from reseller after edit

What is planed for next releases?

In the first releases of 2020 we are going to focus more on improving the billing system. We want to reduce the complexity in order to minimize the chances to run into a miss configured billing system.

We will also add a more detailed documentation for the billing system.

Fleio 2020.01 includes many more improvements and bug fixes. For a full list see the full 2020.01 changelog.

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