Fleio version 2019.12 is now available! The latest version was published today, 2019-12-12.

Since we began working on Fleio, we had multiple requests on implementing a reseller feature. After we implemented all the required base features for Fleio (https://fleio.com#features) we asked ourselves.

Where do we want to go now?

After we prioritized all the feature our clients requested us to implement in the last months, we came to the conclusion that the reseller feature was the most wanted one.

What does reseller brings to Fleio?

We introduced a new type of client, the reseller. You will be able to set your clients to the reseller type.

This will allow your clients to create their own clients, flavors, images, pricing rules, configurations and so on.

Resellers will have the option to enable/disable all the default flavors, or, if they want, they will be able to create their own flavors:

New Frontend with Angular 8.x

With the implementation of the reseller feature we also started to migrate to Angular 8.x Reseller fronted was completely built on Angular 8.x

We hope that in the next releases we will be able to migrate the rest of the Frontend to Angular 8.x.

Configuration options

With the migration to Angular 8.x we also changed the way on how the configuration is displayed. Since the configuration is a more complex menu, and we will add more and more options, we chose to nest the options in multiple sub-menus:

Your clients will be able to have and customize their own Frontend with their unique login / sign-up domain name and their unique logo.

In order to do that, your client will have to contact the cloud operator. The cloud operator will setup the Frontend and will configure the colors / logo as requested. This will be changed in a future release.

Worth mentioning changes and bug fixes:

  • Fix 500 internal server error when manually issuing invoice for default Openstack service
  • Private pricing rules are not calculated correctly
  • Fix live migration not working when compute API version is greater than or equal to 2.68
  • Tiered rules are not working correctly

Fleio 2019.11 includes many more improvements and bug fixes. For a full list see the full 2019.12 changelog.

See the latest version of Fleio in the online demo and contact us to discuss how we can implement Fleio in your OpenStack cloud.