We have just released Fleio 2023.04.0 beta. As any beta version, this is not recommended for production. Fleio customers are entitled to a free staging/development license which can be used to test Fleio releases in a lab environment. Ping us, if you don’t already have the dev/staging license

System logs in MongoDB

“System logs” shown in Fleio staff are logs generated by the Fleio containers. They offer visibility on what happens in your Fleio installation and help debug issues. Initially, we’ve released this feature with container logs being stored in simple text files, with older files archived. The performance when browsing through log pages and when searching in system logs was not very good. To improve performance, we decided to switch in the 2023.04.0 release to logs being stored in a MongoDB database.

Single Sign-on in development

Single Sign-on (SSO) is a really handy features for staff users and end-users. End-users will be able to sign up using they Google, GitHub etc. user account. Staff users will be able to log with a Google or JumpCloud organization account. We’ve made good progress on SSO in this release and we have included some code dependencies.

The feature is not yet ready for production and we’ve decided it to schedule it for the next release, 2023.05.

And the tiny little things that make a great product

Some small improvements that come with 2023.04.0:

  • Checkbox to send email notifications when closing ticket
  • Short/long operation step timeout setting
  • Throttling on client invitations (to prevent users abusing the feature)
  • Pagination for compute instance history log
  • improved performance on operation list in the staff panel

Our software development philosophy is to fix bugs before adding features, that’s why we have a hefty Fixed section in the change log.

The 2023.04.1 stable release follows in about one week. We will keep you posted. 🙂