Fleio – OpenStack billing and control panel for service providers – version 2019.02 is now available.

Some of the new features are unique to Fleio and not present in OpenStack Horizon:

  • LXD support with console
  • Move instance between clients (and OpenStack projects)
  • Staff users can boot instances from any image, regardless if the image is part of another OpenStack project (owned by another client)
  • Associate Flavors with Images. For example, when launching an LXD container, you have only the LXD imaged shown.
  • ISO upload and boot from ISO. End-users can boot a compute instance from any ISO image. The ISO is uploaded to OpenStack Glance. You can choose to define pricing rules and charge customers for image storage or choose to set this as temporary storage and configure to be automatically deleted in X days.

And more features:

  • OpenStack cloud service discounts definition in pricing rule: percent discount or absolute value
  • More OpenStack billing attributes: tenant_id (also known as project_id), instance_id, host. And define discount or surcharge on them. For example: compute instance with ID e6a24f18-fece-4bf0-83e5-ac981a74450a is $5 cheaper per month or set discount of 10% on all instances in project acb4ceb7-a2c7-4096-948e-f53577a4da65
  • Allow adding configurable links in the side menu
  • Configurable ticket ID in support ticket system
  • Update fleio-whmcs module to support PayPal billing agreements and other types of automatic payments (card saved in Stripe merchant account etc.).  We now support post-payments with WHMCS billing agreements. Separate balance limit can be defined for customers having a billing agreement and another limit for pre-paying customers.

Many more enhancements and bug fixed are included in this release. See full change log for Fleio 2019.02 release.