Here comes a brand new version of Fleio, OpenStack billing, and control panel – version 2019.02.1.

We usually make one planned release per month, but we’re also trying to react quickly to customers’ needs. A customer asked to get some features as soon as possible, so we’re making the second release this month.

Here are the 2019.02.1 improvements highlight:

  • You can now have different pricing rules for OpenStack compute instances for different regions. So if an end-user creates a virtual machine in Singapore, it can be more expensive than one in Amsterdam.
  • Swift object storage pricing rules GB per OpenStack project (per Fleio client):
    • total storage size in GB
    • number of stored objects
    • number of Swift containers
    • number of Swift API requests
    • Swift traffic in (bytes)
    • Swift traffic out (bytes)

All Swift pricing rules can be defined linear price, $0.01 / GB of storage, or tiered: the first 1TB costs $0.01 / GB and above 1TB price is$ 0.009 / GB.

  • Configurable user sign-up restrictions:
    • do not allow users to sign up with free email addresses, like Gmail and Hotmail
    • user sign-up email domain name blacklist
    • user sign-up email domain name whitelist

See full changelog: