Fleio 2019.04: instance traffic billing, end-user router management, right to left languages

Fleio version 2019.04 is now available.

Just like every month, we’re adding features and improvements to Fleio – OpenStack billing and control panel for public cloud service providers. Read on for the major features in 2019.04.

OpenStack compute instance pricing rule

New major features in 2019.04 are:

OpenStack compute instance traffic pricing

Overall OpenStack project traffic pricing rules was already available. Now you can define tiered pricing rule per each instance. With tiered pricing you can include 1TB of traffic with m1.tiny instances and 2 TB of traffic with m2.tiny instances, charge $0.01 per GB for the first 1000 GB of traffic overusage and $0.009 / GB for traffic above 1000 GB.

You can charge for traffic on different network types and/or include some traffic for free, by defining pricing on one or more the following metrics:

  • total public traffic (incoming + outgoing)
  • incoming public traffic
  • outgoing public traffic
  • total private traffic (incoming + outgoing)
  • incoming private traffic
  • outgoing private traffic
  • total traffic on all networks, private or public

Get me a network automatically on sign-up

When a new end-user signs up in Fleio a new OpenStack project is automatically created and associated with the client. What’s new in 2019.04 is that you can choose to create a new network topology as well, and choose the regions where topologies to be created.

Get me a network on sign-up

This option will:

  • Create a network
  • Create a subnet
  • Create a router
  • Uplink the router on an external network
  • Downlink the router on the previously created subnet

We’re using the OpenStack Get Me A Network feature here.

End-users create and manage routers

End-users can now create routers and add router interfaces.

End-users can create routers

Like most of the Fleio features, you can enable or disable it using feature toggles.

Support for right to left languages

We have modified the Fleio frontend to support right to left languages, such as Persian or Arabic. To translate Fleio into your language follow the steps from this open source project: https://github.com/fleio/fleio-i18n.


Assign flavor to client groups and support ticket multi-attachment are some of the other changes. See 2019.04 full change log.

Sign up for a free trial license to test Fleio on your premises: https://fleio.com/signup


  1. Can you please expand on this entry from the change log:
    Fix #1780: Fix low credit notifications not sent for 30 days if they were already sent in this timeframe

  2. Before 2019.04 each of the Credit notifications (from configurations, like https://demo.fleio.com/staff/settings/configurations/1) was sent once every 30 days.

    So if went below the limit, get a notification, add credit and go below the credit limit again (in the same 30 days time span), then only the first notification would be sent, without the 2nd, 3rd etc.

    Now that’s fixed: you will get a notification every time you go (again) below the credit limit.

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