Fleio v.2024.05.0 beta is now available and you can test it in your lab environment.

Fleio new version widget

On the dashboard page of the staff panel, administrators will be notified when a new Fleio version is available and will be encouraged to upgrade.

Action on terminated service to settle usage or issue invoices

Staff members can now settle usage for terminated service cycles. After executing the “Settle all cycles” action button, all unpaid service cycles will be updated to an invoiced status, and all in-progress cycles will be issued new invoices, according to user configurations.

Prevent deletion of terminated services with unsettled cycles

Fleio will no longer permit the deletion of terminated services that have unpaid, invoiced, or in-progress service cycles.

Fleio show settings command

A new Fleio command has been added that prints all Fleio settings values properly formatted in Python code. Users can now run the “fleio show settings <parameter>” command.

Reduce wait time for processing batches of operations

We have reduced the time interval for Fleio operations checks. Initially set to 5 seconds by default, the interval has now been shortened to 1 second to accelerate operations processing. This setting is configurable from the Fleio UI advanced settings.

Prevent instance creation on a region

In addition to allowing admin users to disable a region for end-users, they can now keep the region available but disable only instance creation within that region. Users will still be able to manage and configure existing instances.

Backup schedules for database instances

Fleio now supports backup schedules for database instances as well.

Fleio v.2024.05.0 incorporates additional changes and bug fixes. Refer to the change log for a full list: change log.