We have just released Fleio stable version 2023.12.1 and you can now upgrade your production environment.

Load balancer create form shows the estimated cost

For a list of features added in the 2023.12 release series, see the 2023.12.0 beta blog post.

The 2023.12.1 release includes 6 bug fixes and a small enhancement regarding licensing information displayed by the fleio info command.

For a full list of changes, part of the 2023.12.0 beta release, and issues fixed in the 2023.12.1 release (highlighted in the change log with bold), see the 2023.12.1 change log.

Unless we have an urgent fix to release, 2023.12.1 is the last release of the year 2023. We are already working on the 2024.01.0 release which we’ll publish in the first half of January 2024.

The Fleio team wishes you a prosperous new year and success in reaching your goals in 2024!