Fleio 2023.12.0 beta is now available and you can test it in your development environment.

Features add in 2023.12.0:

  • [add] #1634 Keep track of ticket Assigned to and Created by emails if users are deleted
  • [add] [staff] #1910 Allow image creation for a specific client
  • [add] #5875 Cost estimation on load balancer create
  • [add] #7044 Support for backups for database instances (Trove)
  • [add] #7565 Periodic task to cleanup temp files
  • [add] #7653 Partial refund
  • [add] #7673 Region filter for floating IPs
  • [add] #7681 Project ID on cluster details
  • [add] [staff] #7682 Missing authorization settings for staff pages
  • [add] #7683 Region on cluster & cluster templates details & list/card view
  • [add] #7698 Button load default message template
  • [add] #7705 Link to security group details from instance security tab
  • [add] #7723 created at and updated at fields on router
  • [add] #7724 trove to default notification exchange list

2023.12.0 includes many other improvements and bug fixes that you can find in the change log.

fleio-whmcs 3.0.0

Fleio 2023.12 requires fleio-whmcs 3.0.0 which as also released today.