Today, 13th of October, 2020 we have released v2020.10.1. The latest version was published on 2020-10-13 and it’s a stable release.

Deploy instance changes

In the latest releases we have gradually moved long running tasks such as create instance from ISO, move instance, upload image, and so on to Operations.

In 2020.10 release we have moved the create instance task to Operations too, in order to be able to offer a more visible feedback on the instance’s deploy state to the end-user.

This new deploy instance operation should be available to all type of instance deploys, including the already implemented operation for deploying instance from ISO.

Configurable password strength

With 2020.10 we have also added a way to configure the password strength, for the password used at deploy instance and at create account.

We use a list of regular expressions to validate the password, and we allow different configurations for:

  • end user, staff and reseller login password
  • end user, staff and reseller deploy instance root password

In order to change the password strength for please follow our documentation available here.

Pricing rule logs

In the latest release we have added more logs to the activity log. The new logs will be applied for pricing rule actions, such as create pricing rule, edit pricing rule and delete pricing rule.

Magnum clusters improvement

With 2020.10 we have change the way magnum clusters are handled. On previous versions the received Openstack notifications did not had any kind of information, so we had to start a sync every time we received any notifications for clusters.

In the latest version we have changed this to use am updated version of magnum API that had useful information on each notification. With this we moved from the old and inefficient version to an improved system based on notifications events.

Worth mentioning bug fixes

  • Fix #3494: Delete queued image on http error when uploading image from url
  • Fix #3518: Fix infinite scroll not working when missing scrollbar (on large screen resolutions) by adding a button to load more entries
  • Fix #3576: Ensure delete volume on termination is set to false when a volume or volume snapshot is selected as the boot source
  • Fix #3569: Fix create subnet when a DNS is specified

Fleio 2020.10 includes many more improvements and bug fixes. For a full list see the full 2020.10 changelog.

See the latest version of Fleio in the online demo and contact us to discuss how we can implement Fleio in your OpenStack cloud.