Fleio 2021.11.0 is now available in beta and you can test it in your lab environment since this is not recommended for production.

You can read more about our release model here.

Ticket predefined replies

In the 2021.11 release we have added a much needed enhancement to the ticketing system: predefined replies.

As a staff user, you will now be able to create / edit and even delete ticket predefined replies categories and predefined replies.

In order to create a new category you will have to head over to the ticketing system, where you will now find a new menu “Ticket predefined replies”. Clicking the “+” button will let you create a new category.

After you create a new category, you will be able to add predefined replies in that category.

Later, when you create a new ticket, or when you reply to an existing ticket, you will be able to insert one of the predefined replies.

Token authentication

With the latest release we have also replaced the cookie authentication with token based authentication.

This change was necessary in order to have Fleio reseller panel work on any kind of domain, not just on subdomains. Also, this change will also make using Fleio APIs more simple.

Note that this change does not affect FLEIO-WHMCS module.

Email message log

A new addition that is coming to Fleio in the 2021.11 version is the new email message logging section, which can be found in the Utilities menu.

The new utility will allow staff users to see what emails were sent, when the emails were sent and filter them by clients.

With the email message log we also want to let you know that we’ve moved the mass email message function, out of the “Clients” page.

The mass email function can be found in the “Clients and users” menu.

Dark theme

As you might have noticed in the pictures from the release post, they are all using a dark theme.

With the 2021.11 release we have added a new dark theme. For existing installations, you will need to enable it manually.

Please read our upgrading notes in order to see what you need to do.

We’ll talk about some of the other features in the stable release, 2021.11.1, which should be out in about one week.

In the meanwhile, see a complete list of changes in the 2021.11.0 changelog.