Fleio 2020.07.0 was released. The latest version was published on 2020-07-02 and it’s a BETA release.

In the latest version we have added a new feature for automated invoices. Using this feature the end user will be able to configure a fixed amount (or have an estimated amount based on current usage) to be always invoiced when he is X hours away of going into negative credit.

This new feature should help end users to avoid getting suspension and thus having downtime.

The number of hours before the client will get the automated invoice generated can be configured in settings.py, default being 120 hours


New angular staff pages

With the 2020.07.0 release we have added new pages in the new angular frontend (currently available at /newstaff).

The new pages that we implemented are the following:

  • operations page
  • activity log page
  • staff tickets and departments pages
  • todo page
  • revenue reports page

We will continue our work on migrating from AngularJS to Angular in the next releases.

Dashboard changes

In the last few releases we have added a more information in the staff dashboard, so that staff users can have more visibility on when the last process clients cron run.

This also opened new possibilities on improving the dashboard, and we have decided to add more periodic tasks timers in the app services widget:

New settings options

- will increase the tickets (notes included) max characters

'billing.credit_auto_invoicing': True,
- will enable the auto invoicing feature

- the number of hours before the client will get the automated invoice generated
- rounding precision for the invoiced amount

Fleio 2020.07 includes many more improvements and bug fixes. For a full list see the full 2020.07 changelog.

See the latest version of Fleio in the online demo and contact us to discuss how we can implement Fleio in your OpenStack cloud.