Fleio 2023.11.0 beta is now available and you can test it in your lab environment.

System-wide audit logs

Most of the entities from the staff panel, like user, client, and OpenStack instance, now have an AUDIT LOG tab. It includes changes that were made to that entity. E.g., a staff user adding credit to a client or an end-user rebooting an instance. You have the information available in the global Activity log, but you can now check much easier what happened.

Rebuild instance booted from volume

Until now, only instances booted from local storage could be rebuilt. End-users and staff users can now rebuild instances that were booted from a volume.

Instance soft reboot

Before the 2023.11.0 release, Fleio always attempted an instance soft reboot, and if this failed, a hard reboot was performed after one minute. You can choose between soft and hard reboot.

Add SSH key from create instance form

Users no longer have to go to the SSH keys page to add a key. Just add it from the create OpenStack instance form.

More improvements

  • Process clients and other periodic tasks were moved to the dedicated Periodic task log page, leaving only with user-performed actions in the Activity log, hence less cluttered
  • Products now have a Fixed pricing model.
  • We have added a Domain field on services
  • Mass mail now creates a dedicated task per client and the task is retried if it fails
  • Use the same settings for date & time formatting in all application
  • Show in cart the periodic price and amount to be paid now
  • Clearly separate one-time paid from periodically paid products
  • To improve performance, remove OpenStack role checks before performing actions
  • Show quota error on OpenStack instance create form. End-users can see immediately why instance creation fails.
  • We have added additional fields on create/edit a network form, like MTU.
  • The database Docker container now has a health check

The 2023.11.0 beta release includes a total of 95 improvements, changes, and bug fixes. See full change log.