How to install OpenStack Mitaka in 20 minutes using RDO [video]

We’re opening a series of video tutorials that show you how to install OpenStack.

In this first video we’re installing OpenStack Mitaka on CentOS 7 using RDO. It’s a very easy way to install OS since the installer is doing everything for you. Here’s the video. More info below.

Another benefit of using RDO is the ease of adding compute nodes: just editing the answer file and running packstack will do the job.

Some of the weaknesses of using RDO are:

  • RDO doesn’t support an easy upgrade path from one OpenStack major version to the next
  • it’s harder to maintain a cloud with lots of compute nodes

In the upcoming tutorials we’ll analyze some other ways to install OpenStack, like OpenStack-Ansible or manual installation.

How do you install, upgrade and maintain your OpenStack cloud?

Here are the commands that we’ve run in the video:

yum install -y
yum install -y openstack-packstack

ip a

packstack \
--install-host= \
--mariadb-install=y \
--os-glance-install=y \
--os-cinder-install=y \
--os-nova-install=y \
--os-neutron-install=y \
--os-ceilometer-install=y \
--os-gnocchi-install=y \
--os-client-install=y \
--os-swift-install=n \
--os-aodh-install=n \
--nagios-install=n \
--os-neutron-vpnaas-install=n \
--os-neutron-lbaas-install=n \
--neutron-fwaas=n \

. keystonerc_admin

nova list

glance image-list

nova flavor-list

nova boot --image cirros --flavor m1.tiny firstvm

nova list

Leave a comment below and tell us what you’d like to see next.


  1. Hello,
    I have installed and running relatively stable mitaka. But I have a problem at the network creation, design diagrams basically me in the text below:
    provider => router 1=> private => LAN1
    |-node1 |-node2
    |-node2 |-node3
    The node in the private network does not ping each other, nor ping out (internet)
    I do not deploy a solution without using the router.
    We wish him instructions behalf!
    If he has time, he fears Teamview and see you with, please.
    He sincerely thank!
    my skype name: sorypie

    • Hello,

      It’s hard to say what is the problem but I think you have to allow ICMP from Access & Security in Horizon.

  2. Does this work on Ubuntu?

    • adrian

      May 23, 2016 at 5:48 am

      RDO only works on Red Hat family of distributions: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux and others.

      OpenStack-Ansible works on Ubuntu.

  3. Very good tutorial, keep going!

  4. Great post!
    I have done a 5 minutes screencast:
    with a Vagrantfile and a packstack’s answers file.
    To use packstack parameters is more simple, I will improve my tutorial next time.

  5. Using the replacement python-openstackclient is easier. Should be part of the packstack install:

    openstack server list
    openstack flavor list
    openstack image list

  6. is there a public yum server that can get the required packages for this. I am attempting it on OL7 and having a lot of dependency issues during the “packstack” package install stage.

    • Hello Devs,

      Sorry for the late reply. The public repos are installed by using the first command:

      yum install -y

      Maybe when you tried it, they were preparing for a new release and mirrors weren’t synced properly.

      You might want to try again and post the logs on a public pastebin and send us a new comment with the link.

  7. I always get stuck at “Testing if puppet apply is finished: _controller.pp”. Any ideas on what the problem is?

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