We have recently released the fourth Fleio major version that includes a docker deployment method (2020.2.1). During the last four months we have gathered feedback and improved the docker installation of Fleio. We are now confident that the Fleio docker deployment is ready for production.

As we have been pointing in these last four months, we are retiring the deb/rpm system package deployment method of Fleio and we are making the docker deployment the only method to install and upgrade Fleio.

The last release that includes deb/rpm system packages will be in May 2021 (releases 2021.05.0 beta and 2021.05.1 stable).

The June 2021 releases will be the first releases that only include the docker installation method.

Why are we switching to docker?

Fleio deployment with docker allows us to use the latest software versions (like Python version, MariaDB and third party libraries) and have one consistent binary environment on all our clients’ installations. This enables us to move quicker on dependency changes when required, choose the best combination of dependencies’ versions, regardless of the host operating system, have a more stable product and streamline our technical support procedures.

Read more about the decision to switch to docker in a previous post.

What do you need to do?

You should test the docker deployment and run some installation migrations in a test environment as soon as possible. See our migration guide for step by step instructions to perform a test migration or a production migration. To have your installation close to the latest stable version of Fleio, we recommend that you migrate your production installation no later than May 2021.

Can you continue to use existing deb/rpm install?

Technically, you can. But you will not be able to upgrade your installation after May 2021. Going forward, the docker deployment will be the only method to install Fleio. However, you can continue to use an old version of Fleio that was installed from deb/rpm system packages. But it is obviously not recommended to run an old version on the long run, especially since we are not backporting bug fixes to older versions. See Fleio release model for details.

We are here to answer your questions and offer technical support. We can also perform the migration for you without any additional cost.